"Strategy Associate" roles in private equity - what are your thoughts?

Hello friends, several recruiting firms have reached out to me about what seem like unique roles at PE firms.

The titles have been "Strategy Associate". They are basically pitched as a mix of firm strategy / portfolio operations / investor relations. The responsibilities include: fund reporting, LP relationship management, business development, working with portfolio executives on strategic projects, etc.

The roles have generally been at high quality MM firms with large brand names, which is alluring.

For context, I have generally been seeking more traditional deal team roles, and have made some traction in that regard. I am currently a consultant at ATK/LEK/OW etc.

What do you think of this "Strategy Associate" type of role? What kind of path could it set me on, relative to a deal-team role at a MM firm? How should I think about it?

Interesting job, and would set you up to help PE firms for the long-term, in business development or portfolio operations. Blackstones and KKRs of the world probably have even more roles you could be suited for. But it's highly unlikely you'd get to the deal team though, because those with banking/PE deal experience are always going to be ahead of you.


These roles could be interesting and challenging. They could be long term lucrative. They are not a path to a career in investing. Don’t kid yourself and think you can join the firm, impress people and switch to an investing track. IT. WON’T. HAPPEN.

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