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Here is the situation. I am at at top 3 brokerage doing portfolio management of assets and have been trying to get into the deal side of CRE for the last couple of months. Good traction, but no offers.

Now, there is an opportunity at a BB doing the SAME role that I currently do now. Yes, it is not on the deal side, but it is at a tier 1 global bank. I will be interviewing in person shortly and want to know what your guys' thoughts are.

Would you take a position at a dream company doing the same work? Maybe leverage that experience and lateral to production/origination/REPE within the bank after a year? I am two years out of school for context.

Appreciate any and all advice. Thanks

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CRE, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Way too many other datapoints to think about in order to give you guidance. Pay? Team structure? Lifestyle?

Go into your interview with your eyes open and see how it goes first. You're not at a decision point yet.

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Etatereal, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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