Hi all. Wondering if there are any networking events in NYC for real estate coming up? Looking to meet some new people and expand my network for possible future endeavors. Also wondering if networking online/through LinkedIn can help my career. Would appreciate some feedback/guidance on this process.


Ahoy there! Based on the treasure trove of wisdom from Wall Street Oasis, let me swing through the jungle of networking advice and drop some golden nuggets your way.

For those looking to network in the bustling concrete jungle of NYC, especially in the realm of real estate, you're in luck! The city is ripe with opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. Here are a few avenues to explore:

  1. Professional Organizations and Events:

    • Urban Land Institute (ULI): Highly recommended for anyone in real estate. ULI hosts events that are a blend of educational and networking opportunities.
    • MBAofNY: Boasts a great mentor program for students and professionals alike, offering a platform to connect and learn.
    • CREFC: Another solid choice, especially for those interested in commercial real estate finance.
    • YREPNY (Young Real Estate Professionals of New York): Known for their free happy hour/socials, YREPNY offers legit networking opportunities, primarily for more junior professionals but still very valuable.
  2. Online Networking:

    • LinkedIn: While it can be broad and noisy, it remains a powerful tool for professional networking. Tailoring your profile to highlight your real estate experience and aspirations, actively engaging with industry content, and reaching out to professionals with personalized messages can open doors.
    • Wall Street Oasis (WSO) and Other Forums: While more anonymous, these forums can offer industry-focused discussions and insights. Active participation can lead to connections and opportunities.
  3. Direct Outreach:

    • Don't underestimate the power of reaching out directly to professionals working in your area of interest. Offering to buy lunch or coffee can be a great way to get face-to-face time and make a lasting impression.

Remember, networking is as much about giving as it is about receiving. Be ready to share your insights, help others, and build genuine relationships. Online platforms like LinkedIn can certainly help your career by making you visible to recruiters and allowing you to showcase your achievements and aspirations. However, the magic often happens in those face-to-face interactions, so don't shy away from attending events and reaching out directly.

Happy networking, and may your efforts lead you to fruitful connections and exciting new endeavors in the world of NYC real estate!

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Maybe you'll be interested in some of the events mentioned here. As for networking, the first thing I'd suggest is to create an electronic business card (several platforms compared). Most realtors I know use them, and I also have one. Edit your card content whenever and as many times as you want; even the cards you already shared update automatically. If someone wants to contact you, they can access your phone number in a click-to-call way through your card. It works great with (potential) clients too, they'll have access to your online property listings and virtual property tours. Also, add the social media handles to your card, for example, LinkedIn that you mentioned.

Speaking of online networking there, make sure your profile is properly created and updated. For example, have a professional photo, update your status every few days, and tailor your connection requests. Join relevant real estate industry-related groups. Ideally, write and share content that will show your expertise. All that said, I think networking on LinkedIn is not that easy because of all the spam. The messages I've been receiving there are real gems, honestly, and not in a good way. Go for quality over quantity. Research the person you want to contact, don't just send a generic message to everyone. For example, if someone posts something helpful in a group, you can send a message commenting on that. Say you liked what they posted, ask for resources they used for writing, or something like that. Or if someone shares an accomplishment, congratulate them and encourage them to share some tips on how they did it. 

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Great advice overall, in my opinion would not use the electronic business card. I think it can look cheap (like a salesy broker would use at a small shop) and you want to come across as professional no matter where you are currently at. 

What are big shops like Brookfield, Vornado, and Related doing. From what I've seen they are not putting electronic business cards in their signature and if I saw that I wouldn't scan it tbh. Get nice looking, professional physical business cards from your workplace or if not go and make x00 cards in a simple format and font on thicker paper so it feels nice (see if you can get some of these larger institutional firms and copy it). That way the format comes across as clean, neat, and professional so even if no one has heard of you or your firm they think wow I need to learn more they look very well put together and if they spent this money on a card must be doing well vs. a thin, flimsy card with different lettering and colors on it from a broker or shop with a scan me code, I would think it's a cheap shop and doesn't look good.

On networking events check out Young RE Professionals and ULI, I checked the Meetup link and it seems there's 5-20 people going to these and may be mostly brokers. YREP and ULI are more catered towards the commercial side and obviously have brokers but you're getting more institutional firms coming to these events.


I agree about e-business cards. Created mine almost two years ago (plus printed a batch with a QR code) and I'm quite happy with it. Works well in conferences. And I don't even know what to say about LinkedIn, except to confirm - put some effort into writing personalized messages when you're trying to connect with someone. Otherwise, it's a waste of time, you'll get lost in the sea of spammers. 


On the card at conferences, the reason I disagree is because it scans a contact and goes into their phone right? So if they meet 50 people over two days, they have 49 business cards they're going through at the end with notes they could write and remember oh I spoke to xyz, seemed like a good connection I'll stay in touch. Vs remembering to check your contacts, going through potentially hundreds of current contacts to finding it and remembering the conversation after a long weekend.


Have you thought about joining any of the groups like MHC, CreFC and other associations, they usually have some smaller networking events not related to the actual association. In Philly, Boston, Chicago, and DC, all places I've been in the industry in some capacity, there was usually a couple small groups you could find via word of mouth, either someone decided to start it and it be very Asset specific,, and then there were more professional ones like Women in Commercial Real Estate that I saw in DC my SO went to. 

If not try starting one and reach out and have warm contacts that then bring new people you've never met. In NYC I'm sure it be great as there are shops and desks of all sizes from lenders, to sell side to buy side.


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