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CREnadian, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Can you get your work to pay for it?

If not, I'd say depends on the exposure you're getting at work. If you're meeting plenty of people outside the organization anyways, then not worth coming out of pocket for. If your role is mostly internal-facing, then its probably worth it.

I'd also say ULI is the way to go if you're in development, but NAIOP if you're more REPE. That really depends on the market you're in though and the popularity of their chapters in your area.

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redever, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Depends on what you do/want to do, and where you are located. But generally my answer is yes (fair note, my employer has paid my dues since I was off student membership. If it's out of pocket, then I can see deeper thought on the matter).

If you are in development... YES 100%

Investment Management/Lending (i.e. other buyside)... Probably YES, 80%

Brokerage/services/other sell-side.... Big MAYBE (like do you want/need to network with this crowd)

If you join, get heavily involved, go to the events, take on volunteer/leadership roles, do their mentorship program, etc. 

As to market/where located... my experience is that each ULI chapter has its own value/size/repute. In NYC.. ULI is HUGE and very worth it. In some cities, it could be mostly planners and city employees (avoid lol). Ironically, in cities where ULI is strong NAIOP may be weaker and in cities where ULI is weak, NAIOP is stronger (in some, both can be strong clearly). So, factor the local "strength" (i.e. size), in which is most valuable for time/money commitment. You can do this by asking around and/or going to an event or two as a non-member. 

Analyst.2012, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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