Was I lied to about my role?

Graduated from college in May with a degree in finance and minor in real estate. Job market has been ass so I have been applying everywhere and have been interviewing for an investment sales/junior broker position at a local middle market CRE brokerage out of south Florida. I was given the job offer and title is:Sales Coordinator and job description says “Your job roll will be to support all sales services, database management, business
development, administrative sales support, and assisting the managing partners on day to day basis”

The job description provided seems to be more of a administrative back-office sales position while supporting general business activities. It mentions assisting with sales services and business development, but it doesn't explicitly emphasize the core elements of an investment sales role in commercial real estate, such as property valuation, market analysis, negotiation, and deal execution. I’m being paid a low base salary and have commission structure

3% of Gross Revenue on Designated Assignments

6% of Gross Commissions on unique originations

I have a call today with the two partners of the firm (the two people I will be reporting to) to clarify the job role.

Does this sound like an investment sales role? Is it worth taking this job? Has anyone had a similar job or experience at a CRE brokerage? What would be the right questions to ask to ensure I’m aligned with the job specifics? Any and all advice/opinions are appreciated

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Not sure why you think you were lied to? This sounds like a support function for an investment sales team. It does not sound like you will get valuation experience etc. every firm is set up differently and this team sounds like they need the role you applied for. However - you should ask what the ‘business development support’ function is. Maybe that’s valuations and BOVs.

If this isn’t what you want to do - don’t take the role. You’ll be unhappy. But I don’t think you were lied to. 

In your next conversation, you should ask the partners what specific tasks you will be doing daily. The role you write about sounds more like an administrative role. If you want to be a broker, ask them if the role can grow into a broker role and if anyone at the firm has ever done it?


I’m asking if I was lied to be I was told it’s a investment sale or junior broker role and then given the job offer it’s a sales coordinator role. Obviously it’s not a analyst position


Just talked to a friend who works for a developer in south Florida - if you're interested in that side, PM me and I can share some info. Not 100% sure if they're still hiring



Just talked to a friend who works for a developer in south Florida - if you're interested in that side, PM me and I can share some info. Not 100% sure if they're still hiring

Thank you, just sent u a message


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