Failed recruiting in the US, am failing recruiting in the UK. Is my experience/resume not enough or do I SUCK at interviews?

Please be brutally honest and just roast the shit out of my resume because I am getting no offers and need to understand what's going on

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Hey there, 

sorry to hear things aren't going so well!

I can offer my two cents wrt. your situation and your CV:

  1. You might need to clean up parts of your CV e.g. spreading out your skill into different sections e.g. language, technical skills etc. 
  2. Some of your achievements as a quantitative researcher seem slightly redundant i.e. curating the QF curriculum would best be qualified by e.g. how many students you taught as opposed to a pure list of the subjects you included. 
  3. For Co-President of the finance club, you might also wish to include the growth rate of the society that you imposed on a YoY basis. 
  4. I don't exactly know how to put my finger on it but this is the first time I've seen a CV where you split the transaction experience from the initial bullet points. If you look at the WSO template, they don't do that. Nor do they do that in any CVs I've looked at in the past when interviewing (may be a UK thing, though). 

I think (from what I see and know), the hiring market has slowed down considerably the past 12 months to the point that non-targets are being screwed over badly in favour of target school students. This is only what I believe to know from recent activity that firms don't want to take risks on non-target students for the IRR on interns / grads (but do take that with a pinch of salt as I'm not 100% sure on that). I say this because at a recent superday for a top firm, all 4 of us being interviewed were from top-tier target schools for a role that a non-target would have sufficed, which did surprise me a lot. 

I do wish you well on your journey and let me know if you have any further questions so that I'd be happy to help!


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