I dont have any Uk beased certificate, How can I get a GCSE certificate to attach my CV?

As an individual who has recently moved to the UK and currently holds sjukks, I am seeking advice on obtaining a GCSE certificate to strengthen my CV. As my certificates are not based in the UK, I am unclear on how to proceed with obtaining a GCSE certificate. I would appreciate any helpful information or guidance regarding the process of obtaining a GCSE certificate in the UK. Additionally, any insight on the value of a GCSE certificate in the UK job market would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

GCSEs are taken by 14-16 year olds. They have no value in the adult job market, no one cares. They're just used to assess what you can take at A-Level which is then used to assess what degree and where you can go to university. If you're older than maybe 18, no one cares about your GCSEs.

Also it's not one certificate. It's one per subject. People normally take 10+ subjects.

My team-mate suggested me functional skills maths level 2, They said this is a GCSE equivalent certificate, and it will help me to get job, Can you please explain what is this certificate for?

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