Will be tough, I think below par experience and not being at a target will drag you down. I would expand a bit more on certain bullet points and flesh out the interests section.


Unrelated to this post but that's what I have opted for by adding an optional industrial placement year. 

Would you say its possible to reapply for SW this year in my second year of university and placements for 2024 (graduating in 2026)? 


I am on a 4 year course - I did 2 spring weeks in my first year. What other experience do you think could be good to have?

Also: aren't you struggling to get first rounds? Lol


Lmao yeah, I was but I got the first round for a buy-side firm so I am 100% unequivocally qualified to answer. Jokes aside if ur applying for 2024 SA now then there isn't much you can do at the moment since many apps opened already with many more opening really soon.

Generally, a first-year summer internship would be ideal, along with society positions.

For a first-year internship, 2 things matter IMO brand name, and experience. Brand name is obvious, for the experience I think it goes IB > PE > consulting > AM > other types of banking > audit/accounting.

This isn't conclusive by any means so pls feel free to correct me. I am after all just a second-year uni student talking a lot of shit


I am in a similar position as my leadership and experience is extremely limited. What kind of firms in London, or Manchester should I start looking at that could help me gain beneficial experience so that I could apply for the next cycle? Are there free programs, or something along those lines I could take part in? Maybe insight weeks however I don’t know if they would take second years. This is along getting more involved over the next 2 years with university finance societies.

Most Helpful

The amount of bullshit comments people make to grow their own egos. 

Your Resume is not bad, don't listen to the people saying you should apply for Industrial Placement or switch to a 4-year course. 

Try and develop your bullet points more of your Spring Weeks. "Shadowed Analyst in M&A and FIC division" isn't very detailed for instance.

Improve wording, i.e. instead of "Took part of" write "Participated" etc etc etc

On your Leadership part, add non-finance extra-curricular 


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