Australian student looking for best global business schools for IB placement.

Hey everyone,

For intro: I am a dual degree in Laws and Commerce majoring in Finance graduate from the University of Sydney. My GRE score is 329, 168 Quant and 161 verbal with 5 In the essay section.

I would like to ultimately work in a hedge fund and possibly even down the line start my own hedge fund. I understand that msot hedge fund positions are offered as an exist opportunity to Investment bankers and therefore would like to complete a master degree which would allow me to get into that industry. 

I have so far applied to HEC master in international finance and am filling in my application for LSE and LBS. However I would also like to apply to some US universties and believe my profile is quite strong and I have a good chance at getting most of them if are targeted are pre-experience students as I am basically just out of undergrad.

What would you say are the best graduate programs and business schools in the USA for me to apply to to break into investment banking and later on hedge funds. I keep seeing different lists with some mentioning McDonough while others saying vanderbilt is better or others for example saying Austin Texas Uni or Michigan Ross. I'm sorry if this is stupid but as an Australian I really have little idea on the USA finance university rankings and was also not able to find a comprehensive ranking.

I would appreciate any feedback. 

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First question - where do you want to initially work... London? Continental Europe? Or, the US?

bagheriarian2001, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I don't mind. Where ever I would be able to earn the highest salary and with the greatest high earning potential. That seems to be either London or USA. However again if a high paying opportuntiy is available, I would be fine with working anywhere.

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If I was you, I'd choose between the US and London (or elsewhere) as the recruitment cycles are on very different timelines and work in very different ways (networking/ referrals etc.). I would also have a think about the different implications of living in these countries (rent, healthcare, culture, tax rate, raising a family) beyond the immediate goal of maximising your salary, which mainly comes way further down the line.

Somewhat coincidentally I am an Australian (UK born) living in the UK, and HEC places very well as does both LSE and LBS (the latter especially well for post-grad). If your goal is to move to London, then these would put you in a good position for recruitment for 2024. Particularly if you can (or have already) completed winter internships in IBD in Aus as they don't exist in the UK (at least formally).

I can't speak too much about the US with respect to the schools as I studied in the UK - but having a fair few friends who studied in the US and now work in NYC - and from the reading I have done - the targets are the likes of HYPSM and then other Ivy and top schools (such as UChicago) if you want to break into IBD in NYC. I've never heard of the universities you mentioned being involved in the recruitment conversation, but as I said I'm not from the US. I have read that they place well for regional offices, however (such as UT in Houston).

Of course, there are other factors that effect you whenever you decide to go: the recession (low hiring), job cuts (larger talent pool for recruiters to select from), visa sponsorship (expensive) and just outright competition from very strong (and diversity) candidates with multiple internships, two degrees and several languages on their resume.

I hope this is of some help!

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bagheriarian2001, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I think with a lack of relevant work experience, I dont really have a chance for Oxford. Even my GRE of 329 isnt fantastic for a uni like oxford

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exact same background, did a masters at LSE and now in banking in london - reply if u want to speak and i'll msg

InterestedParty99, what's your opinion? Comment below:

In the US, masters programs are not the best path to IB. That being said two that seem to place some people  are Vanderbilt and Univ of Texas . MIT has a rigorous program but only about 7% land in IB.

MITs employment report -  

InterestedParty99, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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