Getting cold feet getting my MBA due to the economic uncertainty

Hey All,

I was recently admitted to a T20 MBA program (Tepper/McCombs/UNC tier) and currently in an Enterprise Risk Consulting role at a Big 4 firm.

I have been in Risk for most of my career (~7 years) and I am starting to inch closer to being more miserable. I pursued a goal of applying to full time MBA programs this past fall and was ecstatic to get an admit not too long ago.

Now when reading about how class of 2024 struggling to find internships and class of 2023 with delayed or rescinded offers has me worried about finally pursuing this goal of mine. I know this is the perfect get out of jail free card in terms of doing a reset to my career (looking to get into finance) but am really nervous about job prospects during my time in the program with murmurs of a recession occurring in late 2023.

Now I am considering reapplying for 2024 Matriculation but at the same time there might be some risk of more layoffs occurring in the coming months, especially in B4 and consulting, so I would be taking a risk for that occurring that as well.

My dilemma is should I go ahead and attend this year or wait it out a year and reapply to see if I can get into higher ranked schools all with the risk of a layoff happening at my company while also doing a job that I am pretty much over doing (not quite there yet). Is it worth to attend this year especially at a T20?

Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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Where are class of 2023 getting delayed or rescinded offers other than CS??

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