Is Dartmouth a target for top Hedgefunds?

Hello, I'm a student in high school considering where to apply to college. I'm a top tier student, think 1550+ SAT 4.0 unweighted GPA along with multiple national awards. However, I'm from a not-so-desirable demographic (Asian Male applying from STEM), and weighing a lot of factors I think my shot at a higher-tier ivy is pretty low. 

I decided Dartmouth would be a good place for me especially considering the outdoorsy aspect (parties), but I'm worried Dartmouth doesn't feed well into top-tier hedge funds think Jane Street or citadel.

 Do any hedgies or Dartmouth alumni wanna chime in??


There are some hedge funds and many areas of the industry that exclusively recruit and hire dartmouth grads. Very insulated and I assume most of them are qualified.

Be warned about dartmouth, of all the ivys it’s the least diverse in terms of wealth and background of people. I’m talking major legacy and wealthy people across the board. Not a bad thing especially for building a network but that’s a part of their placement.

Separate from their internal connections they do have on campus recruitment and “specialized training” (they give kids the answers and questions to prep for interviews). So yeah go there and figure it out, just like many of the targets you’ll have access to a plethora of first rounds and people holding spots for you.

But don’t ask this question again, unnecessary hah! You’re gonna have a blast at that school dude.


Are Dartmouth kids wealthier than kids from other ivies? I feel like that’s not really true from my experience


Ah yeah not necessarily students in total numbers I just mean it has the highest concentration in terms of ratio of that “background” compared to others. Like Yale obviously has a lot and Harvard but those same schools especially Harvard will have a lot more lower and middle class backgrounds. Could be 70% in the 1%-.1% for the student body at Dartmouth as a spitball example. They also don’t have a large amount of students to begin with. It’s pretty much imperative you join their Greek like and secret societies to socialize there.


Dartmouth alum here. Dartmouth has very strong placement into traditional finance and consulting but in recent years has built a pipeline into quant firms too. Anecdotally, most of my friends who seriously recruited for one got at least an offer. With that said, success rate does depend on the group you hang with. Specific frats are known for their strong alum networks in different industries. Not sure if DM is an option on this site but happy to chat in private and provide more information.


Econ or any major from a school like that works. Econ is preferable but from what I’ve heard Econ at Dartmouth is incredibly difficult compared to other schools and elite schools. Dartmouth might be one of the harder schools in terms of grade deflation with B averages for stuff where Brown is considered a joke based on how you choose to align your classes.

But again, joining clubs and recruiting with a 3.5 in history from there will still give you an advantage over a state school like rutgers undergrad business with classes geared towards finance. At least that’s the case for banking and some asset/wealth mgmt roles but quant and trading roles will have more “fair” competition (meaning you must have developed their required skillset in math and or programming)


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