Is it worth transferring from high tier NESCAC to Cornell (Non Dyson)?

I'm currently a student at a high tier NESCAC and am considering transferring to Cornell for social reasons. That being said, the odds of me transferring directly into Cornell's Dyson School of Business are extremely slim and I'm debating just applying to Cornell non-Dyson. How would my recruiting opportunities compare where I am now (think Amherst, Williams, Middlebury) to Cornell's economics program? 

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I would suggest sticking with the NESCAC, assuming it's Williams/Amherst type and not like Colby/Bates (still doable from there, just harder). The alum base is excellent and pulls hard for students.

Cornell Econ is a great school, but I don't think worth the headache of transferring for marginally better recruiting - social life is hard as a transfer, and typically end up with a heavy courseload or delayed grad from credits not being equivalent. You will have alums and opportunities at just about every BB/EB from your current school, and largely the same at Cornell - it's not like BX/KKR are coming knocking at your door.

If you hate your school and are transferring for that, fine... but you will be fine on recruiting if you have a decent GPA and network a bit

Miracle1111, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You'll be fine either way. If you don't get into IB it probably won't be because of your school. Non-Dyson will recruit just fine, it's still Cornell. They're not going to reject you because you're not in Dyson, especially when non-targets are getting in. But Cornell is known as the easiest Ivy to get into and one of the hardest Ivies academically with grade deflation and nets to keep kids from jumping off the bridge. Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side. You should really think it through, and make sure Cornell is really where you want to be.

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Suprised to hear Cornell is the socially better option. People I've talked to from Cornell all thought it was terribly depressing.

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People forget that Cornell is massive.

The ones who hate the Cornell experience are the people in engineering and premeds (if people still do that shit). The classes are hard so you don't have time to do much else. These kids are a huge portion of Cornell hence the rep of being depressing. That being said, CS majors at Cornell have amazing job prospects.

If you're one of the 30% to 40% of the student population in Greek life majoring in AEM, hotel, ILR, and the like, you'll have a much better experience - think Dartmouth mixed with some state school. There are opportunities to go out every single day of the week. If that's not your thing, there are tons of outdoorsy things to do. School spirit is surprisingly good because of the isolation. Personally loved my time there.

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