MSc in the Netherlands

Hello everybody, hope you're doing well.

I'm thinking to do my MSc in the Netherlands and I'm looking for some advice. I'm actually looking to Erasmus University and VU Amsterdam Masters, and I was wondering if these are good universities to pursue a nice career, first in the Netherlands and then in the rest of Europe. 

Feel free to recommend other good universities in the Netherlands/Benelux.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks. It could seems weird but I'm not interested in London, at least for now.

So RSM is the best in the region, but since a plan B is always a good idea, do you know other universities (always in the Netherlands/BeNeLux) that place well?


Erasmus is a very good university, the best in benelux. Will set you up good for a finance career in netherlands. Wouldnt go to vu amemsterdam, erasmus is hands down better


I know that Erasmus is targeted pretty well and I’m pretty confident that it’s better regarded in economics and management relative to the other universities you mentioned. They’re all respectable and will get you a good job AFAIK.

Consider that most organizations requiring Dutch usually want native level.


Just finished my MSc at Erasmus. It’s definitely the target for banking and regarded as the better university. That said, the way to get into BB’s from the Netherlands are the Londen Banking Tour and the International Banking Cycle events, which are both organized by the Rotterdam and Amsterdam study associations collaboratively. Because of this, people from UvA/VU can also get their foot in the door.


You apply to the workshops (separate per bank) for the IBC and apply for the entire programme (two weeks in London) for the LBT. It’s quite selective though. You can check it out on google.

Most Helpful

Erasmus/RSM is a better school for finance/banking but the curriculum of most Msc are the same at Dutch Universities. The combination of speaking Dutch and going to RSM makes you a ‘target.’ (Atleast from what I saw, most people end up in the BeNeLux coverage team.) Not sure if it is relevant for you but I am currently studying at the VU and I had no problem getting past the first recruiting bump for SA. It kinda boils down to what kind of master you want to do and what your plans are after uni. If you want to stay in The Netherlands it doesn't really matter which uni you pick. If you stalk enough people on LinkedIn you will see that people at large, financial, and consulting companies come from every Dutch University. The reason is that we already have a filter during high school so the relative difference between the quality of universities is limited, unlike, for example, UK or USA. 


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