Stopgap masters degree before MBA

Currently looking for advice on a situation I have,

I'm a 23 year old Indonesian from top Indonesian university with an unorthodox degree (regional planning & policymaking)

Currently working at a top local management consulting firm as an associate consultant (~1 year exp). Planning to work for another 2-3 years and take an MBA to transition into finance and investing (VC/PE/HF/MF). However, my family is currently trying to expand business to Singapore and asks me to help run it by becoming a C level executive there for the branch company. It's a relatively small company at the moment and because the estimated workload is low during the early stages, I think I can take a masters degree (not MBA ofc due to time commitment) while still building and running the company.

Now I have two options
Option 1: Continue consulting until consultant/senior consultant level (3-4 year exp) and take MBA then transition to finance, work for awhile and found a HF/PE/VC in Indonesia
Option 2: Become C level for family business branch and take a masters degree (maybe Msc Fin or similar), then take MBA after 3 years working at the branch company and pivot to finance or even start a HF/PE/VC branch of the family business

Option 3: Similar to option 2 but spend the time studying for GMAT or take short-courses instead of going for a masters degree 

For option 2, I would probably choose masters degree that will broaden my horizons, provide hard to learn technical skills, and will complement my MBA goal further down the road such as a Msc in Finance, applied economics, or maybe development economics/international business. As an added point, my connections mostly revolve around policymakers, researchers, and govt workers so having a masters degree in something related to finance/business might help me network my way into the finance industry.

Note: The masters degree have to be in Singapore so that I can evaluate & check in on the business daily

Any opinion or advice for my situation? I'm still torn between the potential learning, knowledge, and networking loss from leaving consulting vs potential exposure as C-level albeit in a small family business. I'd be very grateful for any advice regarding the situation and campus/degree recommendations from you guys!

Thanks in advance! 

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Jun 16, 2022 - 2:32am
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