Whu vs Frankfurt vs EDHEC vs IE for Master in Finance program

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I got offers from IE, Frankfurt, WHU for their master in finance program and EDHEC for it's MSc in corporate Finance and Banking program. I am an Indian student with 2 years of experience in Business Consulting Risk department of EY LLP India with CFA level 1. And I want to work in London, Paris or Frankfurt after my masters. I am open to learning the local language as well. I want to work in IB, Asset Management, or any other areas of corporate Finance

Please let me know which school I should choose that will help me land a great job with an amazing salary as it is an important factor for me. 

Note: I am waiting to hear back from Imperial and NUS.


Based on the most helpful WSO content, here's a breakdown that might help you decide which school to choose for your Master in Finance program:

  • IE Business School: IE is well-regarded and has a strong brand in Europe. It's known for its entrepreneurial focus and has a good network in finance. However, it's more known in Spain and may not have the same level of recognition in London or Paris.

  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: Frankfurt is a finance hub in Europe, and the school has good connections with the local finance industry. It could be a strong choice if you're looking to work in Frankfurt, especially considering your openness to learning the local language.

  • WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management: WHU has a strong reputation in Germany and a good alumni network. It's known for its rigorous finance program and could also be beneficial if you aim to work in Frankfurt.

  • EDHEC Business School: EDHEC is particularly strong in finance and has a good reputation in Europe. The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking is well-tailored for careers in IB and Asset Management. EDHEC also has a campus in London and strong ties to the financial industry there.

Considering your desire to work in London, Paris, or Frankfurt, and your interest in IB, Asset Management, or other areas of corporate finance, EDHEC might be a strong option due to its specialized program and connections in London. However, if you're leaning towards Frankfurt, both Frankfurt School and WHU could provide excellent local opportunities.

Keep in mind that Imperial College London is also a top contender with a strong global reputation, especially in London's financial sector. If you receive an offer from Imperial, it could be worth serious consideration given your career aspirations.

Ultimately, you should also consider factors such as the curriculum, faculty, alumni network, and the school's recruitment ties with top finance firms. Additionally, the culture and fit of the program are important, so try to connect with current students or alumni to get a sense of what each program offers beyond the classroom.

Remember, the school you choose can open doors, but your own performance, networking skills, and how you leverage the school's resources will play a crucial role in landing a great job with an amazing salary. Good luck with your decision, and may your investments in education pay off with high returns!

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I'm just a student but in my opinion you should skip IE, Regarding recruiting in france vs Germany, It's more of a personal preference however imo germany is more open to foreigners, In france the number one school is HEC paris, In Germany it's less relevant and whu and fsfm are both good, I'm curious did you look over the Frankfurt school programme, isn't it something like 3 days work/3 days study, Also why didn't you apply to public universities such as Mannheim and lmu munich?


Just a quick reminder that to work in Paris and Frankfurt you would need to speak the local language otherwise it will gonna be an uphill battle for you to land an offer or internship there. I would say wait until you get all your offers and then decide. Also, did you try in Bocconi?


WHU if more entrepreneurial, Frankfurt more finance focused if interested in German market, but will require relative strong German skills.
Taxes suck ass here, salaries are decent and CoL okayish.

IE if managerial / IB focussed (know some people landing easily on boutiques / ebs from there).

As others have mentioned language might be biggest barrier to enter in the job market


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