Ambitious Japanese Boy

Hi, I'm an ambitious japanese boy in Tokyo, currently in a third year of top private university in Tokyo.
I want get some advises on my career path to be a partner of BBs or Private Equity for NYC or LDN in th future. For my options I have 1) Sales in JPM or CS 2) IBD in BofA, 3) Point72 academy analyst programm. (All in Tokyo office) 
I love doing sales so in a way, Sales in S&T or Coverage Banker in IBD seems fun, and at the same time Point72 opportunity is really prestige as well.
However, my concern is more about 1) Are there any foreigners working in sales position for NYC/LDN offices as in my opinion sales shold know the local culture better?, 2) For the first question, can say that in both S&T and IBD, or it is relatively only for S&T ?  3) Maybe Point72 program sounds prestige, compared to BBs career in third-tier city like Tokyo?? 

Also, I am planning to get top global MBA before applying for NYC/LDN offices.

===If you need my detail background===
Founded business when he was 15YO> head manager of institutional sales for Japan office where I did LP investment relationship development between VC and Japanese corporate > Japanese small cap hedge fund analyst intern for one year > Fintech in SF for Japan office > BB/P72 Interns (CS, JPM, BofA) waiting for GS result)

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