Energy Trading: HEC Paris vs University of Geneva

Hello all!

I am interested in the field of energy trading, especially natural gas and LNG, and have been accepted to two very different Msc. programs for September: the Msc. in Commodity Trading at UNIGE and the Msc. in Economics and Finance at HEC Paris. 

My Background: 

  • Bachelor in Finance

  • Internships in Infra/Energy PE

  • Currently interning at a small LNG company (not in trading) until September

The programs are very different (Location, course content and structure, tuition fees...) and I would like to get advice from people in the field or familiar with those programs before making my decision. 

Thank you for your help! 


Based on the WSO Dataset, both HEC Paris and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) offer distinct advantages for someone looking to enter the field of energy trading, particularly in natural gas and LNG.

  1. HEC Paris MSc in Economics and Finance:

    • Pros: HEC Paris is renowned for its strong network in the finance industry and its rigorous academic curriculum. The MSc in Economics and Finance, while not specifically tailored to commodity trading, provides a robust foundation in financial markets and economic theory, which can be beneficial in understanding market dynamics and financial instruments used in trading.
    • Cons: The program is not specialized in commodity trading or energy specifically, which means you might need additional sector-specific training or experience to transition smoothly into energy trading.
  2. UNIGE MSc in Commodity Trading:

    • Pros: This program is highly specialized in the field of commodity trading, which includes energy commodities like natural gas and LNG. It is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge directly applicable to trading roles. The proximity to Geneva, a hub for commodity trading, also offers networking opportunities and potential internships or job placements directly in the trading sector.
    • Cons: The specialized nature of the program might limit broader opportunities in finance if you decide later to pivot to other areas of finance or economics.

Given your background in finance and current internship in an LNG company, the UNIGE program could offer more direct benefits and targeted skills relevant to your career aspirations in energy trading. However, if you are considering a broader career in finance beyond trading, HEC Paris might provide a more versatile education.

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Geneva, that is where all the action is for commodities. No one will care in that space whether you did HEC or bumfuck university, just start building experience in the space and the program in Geneva will allow you to do just that (if I remember correctly you would work part time in a commodity while doing the degree)


imo, there is no masters that will help you break in to commodities per say. it is more your internship experience and networking given how many are small names. I know the Msc in question at HEC - MiF is considered more prestigious and more geared towards markets but again, it relies on you networking to get in. I would start messaging commodity traders. If you speak French, EDF could be a very decent first internship. good luck


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