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Hey, was just wondering what the Analyst salary/comp is for entry-level growth equity analysts at firms like Radian, Turn/River, Brighton Park Capital, Lead Edge given that these firms now hire analysts straight out of undergrad. Also any info on hours/WLB


Obviously differs by performance but my first year as an analyst (granted it was 2021) was $200k, second year was $240k. Did get roughly ~$40k of sourcing bonuses baked in over my time as an analyst. Not one of the firms listed above but similar

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Comp for a lot of these leaner growth shops can vary widely. Interviewed at a bunch a while back (now an analyst at one of them) but generally the established ones will pay 150k+. Turn/River base is 120k with a sizable bonus. Lead Edge has an all-in of 175k. Sourcing bonuses typically are a thing as well on top of this at lots of places. IMO if you're making a lot less than that, especially in a HCOL area, you're getting yourself into a role that shows what upper management's view on juniors is. Meaning if analysts aren't getting paid comparably to other similar shops, or at a slight discount to what mid-bucket in IB would pay like if you want to benchmark it to that, then you're getting hosed and they probably don't have the ability to get the best talent out there. Work on the west coast now and got lots of insight into compensation trends from friends who are doing analyst gigs elsewhere.


do you know anything about brighton park and level equity? ug looking to recruit and see tthey take interns? are they reputable and good shops to start out at or are there much much better alternatives?


Both known shops, BPC is pretty new but has rocketed upwards with some pretty insane fundraising in recent years. Definitely respected and hear decent things about culture there. Greenwich location is one unfortunate drawback that turns some away, but they're good investors and you'll get to do both sourcing and diligence.

Level is also known and has been around for longer, carries a lot of Insight Partners DNA in its team. Have seen them at some conferences before. "Fun" is what I'd refer to the guys I know there (guys who look and sound like they did plenty of partying in college). They have an interesting structured growth fund they run as well. You'll get some broad exposure, the check sizes do seem to be a bit more geared towards earlier stage deals but still very much growth investors.

The question you gotta ask yourself is which team culture you enjoy the most, and which firms you have a sense will be successful years down the line, which is a hard thing to do in college. East coast and west coast differences in working styles and cultures also can be more drastic than you think. I grew up in California so meshed better here I think. People do IB internships because its the safe route and keeps your options open, but getting into these growth firms is difficult in its own right. If you can target the biggest players (Insight, GA, Summit) if you want the brand and top tier pay. Lots of growth firms don't return most of their summer interns so if you don't have a backup plan or don't end up liking the space (and there are many reasons you might feel less excited about the industry after a few months in it, can get into it) then things get tricky with recruiting. I'm at an older shop so putting my career in the hands of a place with decades of investing track record over many successful funds made sense, but if its a newer place in its first 2 funds then I would be more skeptical.


Its a sourcing role most places so the hours will be more relaxed than IB or large cap buyout, 60 hours is standard. But naturally if its a shop thats good then they will have deal flow, and if you have diligence responsibilities then naturally you'll be hitting 80 on some rougher weeks if you got multiple things on your plate.


Following. At a ~$2B AUM growth shop. WLB is 55-60 hours a week no live deal. $140K base (I'm analyst 2.5, did 1.5 years in banking, 1 full year here) with a sourcing bonus.


$150k in TC 110/40 in HCOL city, none of the above perks, AN1 role is 70-100h, 65% of ex/ops and 35% sourcing. Pretty well-known logo in my vertical. Thanks for putting this thread together.


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