Background Check - Past Arrest

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This question is specifically for those who have had a similar experience, or for someone working in HR at a BB. Thank you to everyone in advance for your answers

In 2005, I was arrested and charged for a possession of marijuana in the state of Maryland (less than 1 gram). My attorney reached an agreement with the prosecutor and the case was settled as "nolle prosequi". I am currently in the final stages of the interview process for an internship position at a BB. I spoke with HR this past week and they basically said they can extend an offer to me once my background check comes back. One of the questions on their application form was the typical: "Have you ever been convicted of, pled guilty or no contest to a crime...." It makes no mention of whether or not you've had a previous arrest.

I answered 'no' on the application form and returned the document to the HR department. However, I am unsure whether or not I should have disclosed my arrest, as I'm pretty sure this information would be revealed anyways. So here are my questions.......

-Do most companies expect you to disclose arrests voluntarily even though they do not specifically ask about it?
-Should I call the HR department first thing Monday morning and ask them to clarify the question for me?
-Am I fucked?