Big 4 Strategy Consulting Internship to MBB

Hi everyone! 

I'm a student at a target school with a decent GPA with a social sciences major (not business or economics). 

This was my first time recruiting and I went in pretty blind with really only a few practice case interviews under my belt and I made it to the final rounds at two MBB firms. 

I really liked the culture and the people at one of the firms where I made it to the final rounds and the recruiter told me to give it a shot next recruiting cycle after getting some more business experience/acumen. 

I've signed an offer with the strategy consulting arm of a Big 4 firm for the summer (think Strategy&, EY-Parthenon, etc.) and, while I'm excited about the opportunity and think I could learn a lot, I'm not 100% sure the culture there and approach to consulting are for me, so-regardless of whether I get a return offer-I might go through the process again if I'm still interested in consulting after the summer. 

Does an internship at a Big 4 give me a leg up for MBB recruiting for full-time positions? Is there anything I should be doing now to maintain any relationships I made throughout the recruiting cycle? 

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Nov 26, 2021 - 9:31am

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