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I was wondering if it is beneficial to take the CFA level one in college. I want to go into PE and will be interning for a BB next summer 2021. I was thinking about taking the CFA level one to add to my overall resume. Would this help me when it comes to PE recruitment or just help in general?

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Jun 30, 2020 - 10:49am
Intern in IB - <span><a href=/finance-dictionary/what-is-equity-capital-markets-ECM><abbr title=equity capital markets>ECM</abbr></a></span>:

Would this help me when it comes to PE recruitment or just help in general?
  • PE Recruitment: No. If you are dead set on PE and you're internship is with a BB doing M&A in a T1 city, (1) I don't think you'll have the bandwidth to do L2 and L3 before recruiting and (2) the biggest hurdle is the IB experience, not the CFA.

  • In General: Maybe. If you might want to go into public equities eventually on the buyside, or your BB experience isn't going to be M&A (e.g. ER), it could be helpful to get started early. Studying in college is easier than studying after work.

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