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Hi Monkeys,

I want to apply to Citi's corporate bank, but aside from the obvious sector coverage that they have, I do not know what the groups within the division actually do. There don't seem to be any resources available online, and searches here have yielded nothing.

Would anyone have any insight? I am specifically curious about:
-Capital Strategy Group
-Transaction Execution Group
-Global Subsidiaries Group
-Global Capital Management
-Communications (that could be sector coverage I guess...)

Hope everyone's holiday season has been fun so far.


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Feb 8, 2013 - 12:14am

In case you didn't use Google yet, because a lot of you children are lazy as all hell. All from the first page of results in my brief search:

Capital Strategies:

Transaction Execution Group:

Global Subsidiaries Group: (hit ctrl+f and search for global subsidiaries group)

Global Capital Management:
??? - only went through 3 pages, though.

Communications: (sector coverage, I'm assuming)

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Feb 12, 2013 - 9:33pm

Anyone have more info on "Capital Strategy Group"?

Google it. A search provides plenty of news stories telling what they've done. You're not going to get "Citi CSG does a, b, and c". You're going to have to use your brain. If you can't tell from the available news releases what they do, then you're probably fucked anyways so just give up.

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Jun 10, 2014 - 6:42pm

Capital Strategies doesn't focus on a specific industry, but comes in on clinet-specific needs. They build out models analyzing optimal capital structure, cash flow, liquidity, payout, etc for tons of clients doing a lot of peer comp sets and statistical work. Interesting group to be a part of with great exit ops.

Not sure why anyone would be interested in capital management though, it's a lame job producing a specific skill set that is, for the most part, non-transferable to other banks due to the proprietary models that each bank has. Some of them get to cover clleints, but for the most part, it's a dead-end job unless you stay within your bank. Exit ops are always trumped up, but the proof is in the pudding (who actually leaves the bank and gets a good job elseware). Be warry of their recruiting efforts.

Feb 7, 2017 - 9:46am

Yeah capital strategies has solid exit opps. I know previous kids from that group in IB coverage, Citi M&A, Private equity, and corporate banking associate positions. From what I heard, you get a really strong foundation in modeling and also experience advising companies undergoing transactions / company transformations (in kind of a consulting manner). Seems like a really cool group - Especially if you would like a banking group with an advisory/consulting twist.

I would disagree with you when you say capital management isn't a good group. I know plenty of people that went from there that went into underwriting roles, credit funds in private equity, or got corp banking associate offers in other groups. Its definitely seems less modeling intensive (seems like you just spread three statements) but I know you get a solid understanding of credit, which is transferable.

Definitely try to get in cap strat, but capital management is also a solid group and so are most of the industry groups (industrials, consumer, etc.)

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Jan 29, 2017 - 5:10pm

Came across this thread and thought I would drop some of my knowledge about some of these groups.

I have worked with some of the aforementioned groups and so I know a little bit about how they operate, so I will talk about only the ones I actually know about:

Consumer CB - Seems like they have a great return offer rate. I have worked on some projects with them and they are always on top of the ball and anticipate client needs. They also focus on different corp-finance issues so you get to see dif transactions / projects.

Healthcare CB - focus a lot on return on capital and other variations as well as normal CB transactions. They seem to have pretty good hours and a more relaxed culture. Good return offer rate also.

Industrials CB - so this is a tough one since there are 5 different verticals. DI seems like a harder working one with long hours but they are really solid and seem to get promoted well. Chemicals is also similar. I think autos / transpo is a little more normal on the hours but also solid groups. Their clients seem to be always calling them or asking them questions so you will get a lot of exposure to working directly with clients, and I have heard of some of the companies giving analysts offers to move over to a F500. Not to sure about P&P, A&D, etc.

GCM or LPG (global capital management or Leveraged portfolio group) - These guys evaluate the return on the capital that Citi allocated to certain clients. Great visibility since you are working with every industry, but the exposure is much more on the credit side of things, although that can be very transferable.

Capital Strategies - not really sure why this group recruits sometimes out of the corp banking analysts since it isn't really corporate banking... Its more of a corporate finance / advisory group. Capital structure seems to be their bread & butter, but they don't really cover specific clients. Great group if you want exposure to financial modeling and a smaller think-tank like team, although not sure about their return offer rate.

Transaction Execution group - basically they actually are the ones who do bond offerings. It seems like they are "always on call" but i'm sure if you want to get a great experience involving debt offerings it is probably a good group. The group feels like more of a legal group with a banking twist, so if that's your thing you will like this group.

Not sure about the others (Energy, power, TMT, real estate, etc.) since I haven't worked with them at all. Honestly never heard of communications group.. But I really don't think you could go wrong with any of them. It just depends what you are interested in (credit vs client coverage vs intense financial modeling vs industry analysis) and what your long-term goals are. Good luck to all!

Mar 12, 2017 - 2:37pm

So no to the back office legal work. I found this description online, which I am assuming comes from their group.

The Transaction Execution Group (TEG) provides fixed income deal execution services across all industry groups. TEG works closely with Fixed Income Capital Markets, Corporate & Investment Banking, Citi Legal, Compliance, the New Products Group and the Commitment Committee to organize and perform due diligence, prepare all of the requisite transaction documentation, receive all necessary internal approvals, prepare marketing materials, including roadshow presentations, and handle all transaction closing procedures. As TEG works only on live transactions, there is significant client interaction involved.

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