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Jun 9, 2010 - 7:00pm

-GPA is too low. You're not getting in with that GPA from UNH.
-When did "Deans List" become a foreign word? Is that also why regular grammar doesn't apply to it?
-Even as a sophomore high school shouldn't be on your resume. No one gives a shit how many credits you had. I'm going to assume your SAT sucked.
-"Conducted two research projects to seek out relevant information." So relevant you've forgotten what it was? Did anything come of these projects? Was this busy work, or did you materially help the firm?
-You use "reviewed" to begin two sentences in a row. You use "policies" three times in one internship's description
-The first two bullets under your PWM internship say the same thing
-You use various forms of "analysis" twice in one bullet
-If you're the co-founder of something, I think I can figure out on my own that you're a member
-The final two bullets under your drama job are redundant
-No one cares that you can use Office
-Your second bullet under class rep is not well worded
-I wouldn't use the first person in a resume
-Make your interests more interesting; also, sans computer skills, you're going to have three lines of text just for your interests, so figure out some way to address that

Jun 10, 2010 - 6:22am

A ski academy is not a prep school. Assuming you went to GMVS, Burke et al, you'll have spent ~3 hours a day in class and the rest skiing. Academic standards are hardly stellar. Also, the fact you're not on UNH's ski team indicates you weren't very good.

Not that there aren't some smart kids at ski academies, but they're not the norm, and they're not the sort I'd hire. Having that school on your resume, if someone knows what it is, will make it less likely you'll get hired.

Also, I didn't realise half of your extra-curriculars were from high school - lose those as well.

Jun 10, 2010 - 9:22am

Extra cirriculars going. How beneficial is being on an athletic team in terms of enhancing job candidacy? Also, how do you view BC as an undergrad school compared to the ivies or targets?

Interesting feedback on the ski academy. Everyone else has said to keep it since there is a pretty significant wall street presence within that community. I agree though that it isn't going to be beneficial unless I am on the varsity team so I am weighing that out right now.

Jun 11, 2010 - 1:54pm

So the first thing that strikes me is it's too bland. Like others have said, use a different format.

Second, I think you should group the "Leading P&C Insurer" under one group, it looks pretty stupid to have three of the same title taking up space - it looks like you are just making up for lack of achievements.

Take away the high school stuff, it makes you look immature. No one cares about high school (don't include SAT unless 1550+; don't include ACT or AP or SAT II ever; Include GMAT if 750+, take the GMAT now if you haven't taken it, it will at least add one more thing to your resume).

Give me specifics under interests, what kind of books do you enjoy reading, and where have you travelled? Combine interests and community service under one group. Find relative finance clubs, if you can't find any, create one.

BC's a decent school, not a target.

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