Debt Underwriting or REPE Fund Mgmt

Currently working in debt underwriting at the analyst level and I have the opportunity to either move to an associate position in debt underwriting at a debt fund or to an owner/operator to work with their equity fund, both are great firms.

I have a clear understanding of debt underwriting and the career path, but moving over to the equity side, (especially in fund mgmt, capital raising, investor relations, etc.), is opaque. I know people will say it depends on what you want to do, but I'm interested to hear other people's perspectives as I don't fully grasp the career path or skill set that is developed in working with equity funds.

Would you rather continue to underwrite debt deals for a debt fund or move to a portfolio mgmt role at an owner/operator equity fund?

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  • Analyst 3+ in RE - Comm
Sep 1, 2021 - 8:15pm

I do like doing deals, which is the main reason I'm unsure.

I'm wondering if switching will be good experience for my overall career and to learn about the equity side, or if I'm better off staying in my lane with a path I know I enjoy and continue building my skill set instead of learning something different.

Nov 19, 2021 - 1:28am

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