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Hey guys I haven't seen anything on WSO on this firm for at least a decade. Perhaps stuff has changed. I am currently going through recruiting process with them and I wanted to know if anyone had info on if they have gotten any deals done (aside from coronavirus months) recently. Are they still just a wealth management/consulting/banking joke wish wash firm?

Would advisory at a MM public accounting firm be a better gig?

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Mar 26, 2020

They're FIG focused, and focus on the RIA space. It's consolidating and very active at the moment, but it is a niche space, and the deals you would be working on there are not going to be making the front page of the WSJ. Their tombstones are on their website, and the MFO deal they worked on closed beginning of this year (Cerity/Sullivan). I work at a "competitor", Echelon is somewhat known and middle of the road in the space and I'd imagine they are currently pretty active, but the space is not really well known. Happy to answer any more specific questions if you have. Feel free to PM.

Mar 26, 2020