EQ Research internship, want switch to IBD

I am doing a research internship at a BB in HK. However, I am more interested in IBD (I dont mind the hours). I was wondering 2 things

1 if anyone know any BB (Preferred) that have China practice in the USA that I should look into

2 how difficult would it be for me (decent B-school MBA, average gpa, background etc) for an EQ Research intern to find a full time IBD offer (at preferably a BB). I think my goal is that I want to get into any china practice (but in the USA). Although this is not crucial, I just feel like I prefer the IBD work more. I understand this is all very challenging.


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Aug 7, 2011 - 1:13am

Do you have any IB contacts at your current bank? Have you had any vetting assignments during your internship where you were on calls/meetings with bankers? Probably not long enough to develop any kind of working relationship during an internship, but it would be pretty useful...I know that if I somehow wanted to switch within my first year in ER, the first thing I would do is reach out to them, even if it's just for advice.

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Aug 7, 2011 - 1:14am

Would internship in ER help when applying for IBD internship? (Originally Posted: 08/16/2007)

Like the title says, I'm currently doing a summer internship in the equity research division of a mid-cap NYC boutique; would this help if I ultimately were to apply for an IBD internship at a BB, or should a job with more relevance specifically to IBD be more useful?

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Jul 11, 2020 - 11:44am

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