For case studies, better to build on top of sell side model or build my own model from scratch?

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Hey guys, interviewing at a HF and I have a take home case study on a stock which I have the weekend to do. As part of my deliverable, I have to include a model.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on 1) using a detailed sell side model, deleting certain non-essential parts and tweaking the assumptions vs 2) building my own model from scratch. I think the purpose of the model should be to support my thesis, show that my model is logical and focused on the right things, and sophisticated.

  • Advantages of starting with a sell side model: Detailed financial statements, populated with lots of data already, looks more impressive than a start-from-scratch model
  • Advantages of building my own model: More 'logical' and focused on the assumptions and drivers that matter for the stock

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