I can't land an interview - can someone critique my resume?

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I've recently redone my resume. I'm trying to get into an advanced finance role (trading, investment banking, M&A, consulting, private equity, asset management, hedge fund, etc), but nothing is really sticking. I'm also apparently not a good candidate for commercial banking careers either. Am I clearly not qualified or do I need to reword some of my resume? I underwrite a type of insurance (Directors and Officers Insurance) that is very important to the board of directors for large companies, the exposures I underwrite to are the fields I'm wanting to be in. I had success last year trading with my retail account, I turned $30k into $171k by trading options. I believe I am a good candidate for a job such as this but I'm not getting past the HR gate keepers. Honest and brutal feedback is appreciate, and guidance to get on the right path would be very helpful as well. Thank you.

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Apr 16, 2019

Make it 1 page. I would personally ditch the first intro paragraph and the core competences. The latter should be clear from the work experience and the former is to be written in cover letters.

Have you tried working your way up from smaller boutiques first?

Apr 16, 2019

Thanks, the 2 pages was the doing of the resume writer I hired. It's supposed to help you get past the algorithms by adding key words relevant to job posts.

I've tried to break into just about every way, I've been trying since I graduated. I'll start looking at smaller firms. I'm applying most to positions that are listed on job post aggregators. I'm in the Houston market so I'm also restricted to this area.

Apr 16, 2019

Exactly what The Pharma Guy said. One page, remove the core competencies, and first paragraph. Reduce the bullets on your experience. One thing I have learned it's a numbers game. I applied to a ton of jobs and networked my ass off. It's the typical funnel analogy. I applied to 10-15 jobs a day 7 days a week for months on end and hit people up on Linkedin and cold emailed people all day as well.

Apr 16, 2019

Thanks, feedback is consistent so I'll delete the paragraph and core competencies.

Did you make it in?

Apr 16, 2019