If you don't get into MBB out of college, what do you do?

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So I'm curious as to what one should do if he or she doesn't make it into MBB from undergrad but still wants to pursue consulting for a career? I'm from a non-target, which means getting into one of those will be damn near impossible, so I was wondering what other options I should look into if I want to pursue MBB after an MBA? Are there other consulting firms that are easier to get into from non-target schools, are boutique consulting firms a good option, or do I need to look at F500 programs? Any advice would be great!


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Deliotte, Accenture, etc....B School

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bump, I'm kind of curious about this as well. Furthermore, what are other good consulting firms outside of MBB, Booz Allen, Parthenon, LEK, Marakon, Monitor, Oliver Wyman, and can you still get into good business schools from places like Accenture, AT Kearney, Deloitte, etc.?


bump, I'm kind of curious about this as well. Furthermore, what are other good consulting firms outside of MBB, Booz Allen, Parthenon, LEK, Marakon, Monitor, Oliver Wyman, and can you still get into good business schools from places like Accenture, AT Kearney, Deloitte, etc.?

Dude, you can get into good business schools from any of the firms you just mentioned. Getting into a good MBA program isn't as cut and dry as working at a name brand firm.


Read the previous threads on this topic.
MBB, in general, do more recruiting from non-targets than boutiques, which don't have the size / office breadth to justify recruiting at non-targets.
Getting into business school is about making the most of the opportunities you have. Get a 750+ GMAT, distinguish yourself at your employer in some objective fashion (e.g. fastest promotions, largest raises, last in cohort to remain in your group, etc.), have compelling stories about what you accomplished at that job and what you want to do in the future and you're set.


I'm in a very similar situation actually. didn't get into an MBB...but got offer from Fortune 500 companie's leadership training program - namely the GE FMP...and also Accenture management consulting...but dunno what to pick.


Deloitte's consulting business is actually going through the roof right now. Go look at their rankings - they're almost on the level of MBB, just haven't got the reputation yet. People in the industry know Deloitte is no longer 2nd tier though when it comes to consulting.

And no, I don't work for Deloitte and have never worked for Deloitte. Don't get me wrong: all other things equal, I'd still take MBB over Deloitte. However, I'd rather work for a Deloitte office with people I like than for any MBB office full of douchebags. Not that I've encountered a lot of douchebags at the MBB offices I interviewed at, but just saying... Deloitte is a great firm that I wouldn't mind working for.

Also I can tell you that this year Deloitte is paying $4-$5k above McKinsey for first-year associates, at least in some offices, anyway.


There are plenty of other options out there. You need to figure out what YOU want to do, not what everyone else thinks is great. You should not take a job just for the compensation. You will be so miserable especially if it's IB or consulting where you have to work really long hours. You need to be interested in the work, not just the money. I know plenty of people who went to capitol hill and made 30K out of undergrad and were way happier than some of my firends in IB.


If you let money dictate some of the most significant decisions in your life you are all but guaranteed to lead a miserable life. If you don't get a job at a top MC life will go on. Good luck with that!


What are some good corp strategy departments that hire entry levels? I know about the ultra competitive one in Walt Disney, but besides that, any programs you are familiar with?


yeah I can see where you guys are coming from, but I assure you I do have a legit interest in consulting. I like analyzing how to make businesses grow, and I like to help people (I know the jokes about consulting), so consulting seems like a good fit for me. I'm just worried that if I don't get a good consulting job that I'll be stuck, and regret this choice, when I could take up a job as an engineer and be at least reasonably successful instead of being a low end consultant that makes about the same, but works ridiculous hours and has no room for improvement.

I mentioned corporate finance, because I think I might like it from what I've read about it, so can one be successful there and potentially have a lucrative job there?


devry graduate -> firefighting technician -> fancy dog breeder -> win freestyle friday on 106 and park -> consultant


You can likely go into consulting after undergrad at UM if you'd like - MBB recruits there.


There is no perfect career path for consulting, just apply for summer internships at MBB so you can get a job there straight after college. If you don't get that then you'll have to go to MBA to break in most likely


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