I received emails from a guy at Atlas. I only know it is a prop shop. When I google it, the only website I can find with the exact name is this.(http://www.atlascapitalmarketsllc.com/, ATLAS CAPITAL MARKETS LLC
Sorry for the inconvenience. ATLAS CAPITAL MARKETS is under maintenance. We will be back soon.)
So I emailed him back,asking about the details of the training and if there is any capital contribution. He replied saying that he will do the training one on one remotely(!!)and also that the capital contribution is 4-5k.

Also anyone knows if Wall Street Services(a head hunter?) is legit??Also received an email from them.

I guess I applied too many random places.

Thank you!!

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Looks sketchy. Probably a start-up prop shop.

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I think that WSS is legit, but can you elaborate on what role you're involved with there? As for Atlas: it looks suspect, and I personally wouldn't pay $4K to someone who's going to "train me remotely." That's usually code for "give you a bunch of excel files and PDFs you could find on the net yourself and tell you to figure it out." On occasion, it's also code for "take your money."

in it 2 win it

WSS: I applied a job through its website, and received the email asking for an 10min interview. I also googled it, the review on google is really polarized.
Atlas: He said they are going to move into a new office soon...But I think you are right. It just doesn't sound right to me.


I would stay away. Any firm that can't maintain a website sends all kinds of red flags. You shouldn't be paying 4-5k for remote training either.

Dirk Dirkenson:
Shut up already. Your mindless, reflexive responses to any critical thought on this are tedious. You're also probably a woman, given the name and "xoxo" signoff, so maybe the lack of judgment is to be expected.

Louboutins and Leverage:
I would stay away. Any firm that can't maintain a website sends all kinds of red flags. You shouldn't be paying 4-5k for remote training either.


Stay away.




Total scam BS don't do it


SCAM! duh-duh-duh duh-duh-duh let the boys be boys



Stay stay stay as far away from this company as possible. This company operate in conjunction with quasar trading. Scott J Chrsan is a con artist and a thief. Do not any money to atlas or quasar upfront you will not get it back if they don't live up to there end of the deal. I will post my detailed email correspondence from company. Atlas is not licensed to do any securities just operating with an LLC but scott is an employee of quasar trading and if anything goes wrong quasar will claim that don't have anything to do with it but everything that is being submitted is quasars document and their sponsorship and approval is required. Scott have the belief that because you are so distant from his operation that it will be a waste of time and money for you to fight to get your money back. With that being said it's not about the money any more this guy and their company may be the next Bernie Madoff. I have contacted the Attoney general of New York where is company is registered and New Jersey where he requested I send the money to (316 E Allendale, Allende New Jersey). Also filed a complaint with Finra on quasar for operating and employing such system to scam people looking to better their lives. Complete emails correspondence to follow.


I love when people can go on the internet and say anything they please. Atlas is legit. We have been trading and training traders for 16 years. When traders fail they look for scapegoats. Mr. Hoffman is one. He has no idea how Atlas operates. Just another failed trader. If anyone is interested in the legit atlas please email me and I would be glad to discuss our business with you.


As it is clear you were discussing about atlascapitalmarketsllc . com, please correct the first post.

Atlascapitalmarkets . com is the URL of Atlas Capital Markets Limited which is a legitimate institution that does not sell nor provide any services for private individuals and has never been RELATED in any sense with Atlas Capital Markets LLC.


Wow, this guy just posted this job on Georgia Techs Career Services site. How did he get thru the filters...


I worked for Atlas Capitall Markets LLC, as a trader, for about a year in 2014. The program was simple. Study and pass your series 56, and be willing to "commit" 5k in funds as leverage to trade a much bigger account. Scott Chrisan is just about thee nicest Boss/Mentor/Family man that I've ever had the pleasure to work for in my 15 years in banking/finance. At no point in time did he sugarcoat the process, lead me to believe that trading was easy, nor "con me out of my money" contrary to what has been written about him. More to the point, in answering the original authors post, I would highly recommend Atlas to any prop trader starting out, looking to get his feet wet, learn the basics, and advance his trading career. Scott Chrisan was available to answer questions, help clarify strategies, and provide constructive feedback. This was as positive an experience for me, as I could have hoped for, as a prop trader right out of the gate.


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