LONDON: Blackstone Tactical Opportunities team

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Hi all,

Could anyone give me some insights on Blackstone's tactical opportunities team in London? (recent deals, culture, working hours, asset class focus (an estimated % breakdown would be nice)).

Their mandate seems to be pretty loose ... from what I understand they pretty much invest in any asset class, geography and industry with a focus on "special" / distresses situations.


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Sep 21, 2017


Sep 23, 2017


Sep 23, 2017

Maybe I can add a bit of colour on this, from an outside perspective. I believe this fund, alongside several similar ones at other GPs, has been created as a way to move slightly away from overcrowded traditional PE investing and instead to copy the kind of investing strategy that a handful of large successful institutional investors have been operating.
Basically, they can hold the assets longer, they can take minority stakes instead of going for control transactions only, they can go for lower-returns higher-defensivity hybrid assets (think something that would be halfway PE/infrastructure for instance), they can invest with more flexibility across the capital structure, and they have enough capital to write follow-on checks if the situation warrants it.

Please do correct me if I'm wrong as I don't work there, this is hearsay.

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Sep 6, 2018