Has anyone been through a MSIM Full-time Analyst interview? I have my first round on Tuesday (10/25) and would love to eventually land this offer. As we all know the job market blows at the moment and this is one of the few great opportunities out there through my schools OCR program.

Any suggestions on what to brush up on in terms of technical questions for Investment Management interviews in general?

Thanks guys

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nyu? i also have my interview today.

have you found anything out?

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Any idea what the interviews are like?


any of u done with interview? mine is a phone interview this friday...is it technical at all?

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Curious to know about MSIM Real Estate. Position is Analyst/Associate in San Francisco. Anyone have any input/comments?


I applied twice in college and never got a response. They could have just been telling you that to be polite.

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Did you apply online?


No I had a first round phone interview


If it's not within a week after your interview, typically you do get a response eventually. Don't hold your breath though, these types are usually not the ones you'd want.


banker boy what year are you and did you use on campus recruiting?


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