Multistrat/small HF Networking?

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I'm currently in GS secdiv on a front office eng/strats team, looking to get out when the bonus hits in January (around my 2 year anniv.). I went to a semi-target and studied math instead of computer science so the big name quant shops don't seem to want to talk, and I kind of miss the startup hustle from my SF days, so I am looking to try multistrat/startup hedge funds (for some kind of systematic strategy). I feel like I'm at the point where I have enough finance knowledge and coding/ML skills to go take this risk.

I have met a few people from Millennium, Exoduspoint, Schonfeld,etc. socially, and interviewed with a team at ExPt. The process seems a lot like shopping around for a seed stage startup, it's a numbers/connections game, but I'm not sure how to meet more PMs who are hiring. Do people here have experience networking into one of these places? Are there conferences I should look into going to? Send LinkedIn messages? Good headhunters to talk to?

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Aug 13, 2019

Hey convexproblem, I'm here to break the silence...any of these links help you?:

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  • More suggestions...

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Aug 17, 2019

My experience is that the quant space can be challenging to get in as the PMs tend to look to friends/family/previous coworkers/alum contacts for hiring. That said, I think positions on some teams become open from time to time and you might see them occasionally on linkedin/google/glassdoor etc.

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Aug 19, 2019

That's the feeling I'm getting, I see people hiring their friends and coworkers. I guess I'll just need to build up more contacts.

Aug 19, 2019

I have connected with PMs through LinkedIn at multistrats which led to an interview. Most will have an internal headhunter and if you can get in contact with them and they like you, they should connect you with PMs in need as they arise. Another avenue I've had success with uis reaching out to sell-side connections. This is all from experience in fundamental, quant might be very different

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Aug 20, 2019

Thanks for the reply, I'll keep that in mind as December/January comes around. I had done aggressive LinkedIn messaging in the past without success so I kind of mentally gave up on that, but with more experience maybe it'll be different this time.

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Aug 19, 2019

Look into P72. They are hiring for their Cubist platform and they have a quant training program called the Data Science Academy that recently started.

Aug 20, 2019