My thoughts on the first night of the DNC

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As a conservative, I am both impressed and depressed from watching the first night of the Democratic Convention. Wow.

  1. The first night was so much more impressive than the RNC. It's as if the democrats are playing in the NFL while the republicans are playing high school football. It was much better organized, dem enthusiasm was through the roof, and the speeches were sharp.
  2. Julian Castro knocked it out of the park. Unlike Rubio, who used the speech selfishly to audition for the 2016 presidential election, Castro spent most of his speech making an argument for Obama and against Romney. He drew sharp distinctions between the two candidates with respect to policies.
  3. Michelle was great. Very moving speech, great delivery. More importantly, her story stands in sharp contrast to the life of wealth and comfort that Anne Romney lived. Certainly, one cannot blame Anne for having grown up in privilege. But the juxtaposition between the two womens' stories was glaring.
  4. This is only the first night. Tomorrow is Bill Clinton, arguably the most gifted politician of the modern era. And thursday will be Obama. If the democrats have 3 consecutive nights like this one, Obama will get around a 5-10 point bounce. Romney will then be in major trouble.
  5. The speeches tonight fused together biography with a vision of where this country should go. I disagree with that vision, and specifically the policies that democrats advocate. Nonetheless, they were highly effective.

The 2012 Republican National Convention will go down as one of the worst in history. I'm furious at the Romney campaign for doing such a poor job of organizing the convention. The quality of speeches was mediocre, and there was a lack of a coherent theme. Romney's speechwriters, in my opinon, committed political malpractice by giving him such a milquetoast vague speech. Of course, don't get me started on the debacle of giving a primetime slot to a senile old washed up actor who spoke to an empty chair like a lunatic.

I hope the Romney people are watching the DNC. They really need to get their sh*t together.