I'm from a non-target school but really want to get an IB internship this summer
tried to network but did not go so well
any suggestions on the content of cold emailing (should I always invite to call?)

there're some errors when converting my resume and it turns 2 pages..and please go hard!

Attached are resume plus cover letter.

Thank you all!

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DON'T WRITE YOUR COMPANY NAMES IN ALL CAPS. Seriously, it's incredibly annoying when people do that. It's like they're screaming at you "I DID X!! PLEASE LOOK AT ME!! PLEASE!!"

I find it interesting you worked for an engineering group at an accounting firm and could not quantify your results in the slightest. Definitely add some (meaningful) numbers.

Get rid of your Microsoft Office skills, unless you're certified in them. It's pretty much a given that you know how to use those, like being fluent in English.

Your cover letter needs a lot of work. It's a very generic and fluffy, and a bit redundant. "I am interested in pursuing a summer internship at your firm." No duh. You wouldn't send a letter if you weren't. Really work on specifics here. "I have problem solving and analytical skills." Like such as? A better example would be, "After my experiences at xyz doing abc and achieving efg, I ... " and then give specific details about your time there.

Do you go to Penn (I know you said it's a non-target, but I've seen a few mentions of them on your list)?

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Besides minor formatting stuff (and the cover letter that nobody will read anyways) it looks fine. Work on the networking- if you cold email of course ask to speak with them on the phone, and never ask for a job/internship. Your school could also make a big difference, obviously we don't know which school that is. Experience looks pretty solid TBH, so I'm surprised you have had no luck at all.

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