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I have been working in a generalist M&A group at a boutique for the past couple of years and have completed a bunch of fairness opinions on the side. I've done a few relatively complicated ones, involving some rather obscure valuation methods, and I'm not entirely sure how to showcase them on my resume. Should I put them underneath selected transaction experience, alongside other "proper" deals, or create an entirely new subheading? Any and all insights are greatly appreciated!

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Why are you refreshing your resume? Are you trying to recruit to a better bank? PE? Just need a little more color. 

I think overall that the models are probably not going to be not as important on a resume as you might think they are going to be. I don't know if you have some other background (like valuation) that you could lump these into. On a stand alone basis, I don't think they should be included. The reason is that, based on what you want to do I think it 1.) opens you to harder questioning. and 2.) I don't think that it looks as good to be saying that you have been doing a bunch on the side of banking (gives the vibe that your Job is not the "banking experience" people expect you to be going through). 

I want to say that this is from the position that you are a second year analyst as your title says.


Completely forgot to mention that, sorry; I'll be entering a target MSc soon and will be recruiting for SA/FT positions at hopefully BB/EB (most likely SA since competition for FT spots is fierce). I agree with you in that including it might provoke harder questioning. However, given that my competition will be primarily fresh grads/former interns, do you think having some more advanced modeling experience might help me stand out regardless? Or will FT IB experience be enough for that (despite the lack of a brand name)? Thanks for the help!


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