No internship/relevant work to demonstrate interest in asset management?

How can a graduate without relevant experience/internships demonstrate interest in Asset Management for an entry level position?

An empty resume/CV...what can a person do to enhance it/build it up?
Any help is appreciated.

I am looking at Aberdeen Asset Management at this moment.

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Oct 22, 2015

It depends upon what you mean by "no relevant experience." Have you had any work experience in financial services (e.g. internship in banking)? If you have no experience at all then your chanced of getting a job in front office investment management are very low.

If you have some experience, ways to burnish your resume are:
- take and pass the first CFA exam (coming up in December!)
- attend local CFA society meetings, which you can do even as a candidate
- participate in stock pitch competitions; this is only applicable if you're still a student
- network, network network: it won't help your resume, but it may still help you get your foot in the door
- if you have the dough, attend an event like the Value Investors Congress or the Fairfax annual meeting. These have good networking opportunities.

Oct 22, 2015

Thank you very much.

Oct 22, 2015

You're not really giving much background here. Where in finance have you worked before?

Oct 22, 2015

I understand, I apologise.
I am currently an undergraduate at the London School of Economics.
Equity Research is what I am interested in at this moment in time, Asset Management is an alternative if the former shouldn't become reality (I heard in the early stages ER and AM are very similar).
In case I should be unlucky with getting financial experience I was wondering what I could possibly do to show that I am interested in Investment Management.

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Oct 22, 2015

That first post is kind of deceiving because you asked about graduates...If you're an undergrad, you have a lot of different options in front of you and you should be taking as many as you can.

Do internships, join school societies, take classes in finance, and go to every on campus recruiting event you could possibly go to. But the most important thing is looking for an internship! Take it unpaid if you have to - that's your best shot in because you'll actually do some of the work that ER/AM does. Show interest, as others have said, by enrolling for the CFA as well. Don't shoot for just one specific shop, as a student you should be open to all opportunities and not be too picky so long as they are in the industry and allow you to learn the things that you want to learn.

Oct 22, 2015