Oaktree 2019 Future Leaders Program

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I am a junior in college and I just found out that I was accepted to the Oaktree Future Leaders program. I will be attending the training session in person in the NYC office.

Is anyone else planning on going/have any idea what this program is? I applied on a whim and don't have many friends in finance so I'm curious what to expect. I know from the description that it will culminate in some kind of case competition - but what exactly is the point of the event? Is it to recruit current undergrads for positions 2-3 years out of school?

FYI - I am a junior at a target school and am interning at a mega-fund this summer. Fall under the "diverse" category because I am female

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Jan 12, 2019

double post

Jan 12, 2019

Hey I got in too. Junior at target.
I spoke to them at another event and they don't usually hire analysts out of undergrad from what I understood. That said I think it's for associate recruiting post IB stint. But not sure.

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Jan 15, 2019

Hey, also got in. Senior at non-target.

I spoke with a few folks during an event on-campus here. From my understanding the program seems to primarily be a training, but everything I've heard is rather vague. Hopefully we find out more closer to the date.

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Mar 17, 2019

Any update @reperella on what the program was like?

Apr 9, 2019