Pick your BRIC

The BRICs, four nations of undoubtably great importance in our world today.

Some have equated them to the Old world's four horsemen, insolent upstarts vying to replace the old guard.

To most however, we see nothing but a vast, wet, and beautiful ocean of opportunity.

Since the term was coined nine years ago, the BRIC nations have been on a massive growth spurt and are expected to go on still until they surpass much of the developed world. China's GDP for one has already eclipsed that of France, the UK, Germany, and Japan since then.

With that growth come big opportunities.

So if you had to be in one, which one would you rather be in?

Will it be Brazil? The holy land for assmen and where 10's are given birth to every minute? Its fast growing economy has been a boon for its developing financial sector, bolstering M&A and more and more Private Equity firms are setting up shop there. Rio and Sao Paolo is also home to one of the largest commodity exchanges in the world.

Or Russia? Where the Natalia's and Olga's run free? A vast amount of money has been sloshing around Russia these days, mainly due to their vast resources. Admittedly though, outside of the Oligarchs, Forbes writers getting shot, and the over 1000% rise in their stock market this past decade, I know next to nothing about their financial industry.

Or will it be India? India's banking is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Hell, some banks have even outsourced the grunt work to them already. With a rising middle class, growing industry, and an already sophisticated financial sector to play with, India looks like a good place to work in as well.

Or is China for you? The world's 800 pound Gorilla, China really needs no introduction. Whether it be Private Equity, Research, Trading, Banking, whatever you want, whatever you need, China has it.

So which BRIC will you pick?

And which one will you stay away from?

I for one am learning Portuguese at the moment.

And I'm not really in a hurry to learn Hindi.


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