Prudential Fixed Income Investment Portfolio Analyst

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Thinking about applying for the following position, see job description below. Looking at MBA or promotion likelihood to PM down the road, and PRU as a company. Would really appreciate any insight, its been hard to find info.



Description: The Portfolio Analyst role within PFI provides investment analysis to internal investment managers, as well as current and prospective clients. The Portfolio Analyst will assimilate to a mandate specific team such as IG Corporates, Emerging Markets, High Yield, US or Global Rates etc. and cultivate expertise in the portfolio management strategies (including portfolio construction and risk management), benchmark application and common practices associated with these strategies. The Portfolio Analyst may also be responsible for the training and supervision of a junior analyst. The analyst will work with portfolio managers, traders, risk managers, credit research, client services and the sales and marketing team to analyze portfolio performance, monitor portfolio positioning and risk exposures, collect and prepare market data and model portfolios and benchmarks for prospective clients. The Portfolio Analyst is an expert on the firm's proprietary performance attribution and risk management methodologies and will prepare, analyze and commentate on performance highlights and drivers for senior investment personnel and the client base. The Analyst will often be required to work with complex financial data, focusing on bond math and analytics, to assess the impact of investment decisions on risk measures and exposures.

* Prepare, analyze, and commentate on time period specific performance attribution and its corresponding results and frameworks. Communicate results to senior management, traders, portfolio managers and clients on an ongoing basis.
* Monitor portfolio positioning on a daily basis with respect to various interest rate, currency, credit and risk exposures.
* Work with peers across mandates to ensure models, analytics and technologies are applied consistently across the organization. Strive to build and maintain a world class Portfolio Analysis organization within PFI.
* Work with constituents throughout the organization to ensure that the Portfolio Analysis Group, portfolio management and Risk Management are continuing to innovate and develop and use technology to advance investment processes.
* Prepare Relative Value analysis within and across sectors, assist in the identification of potential trading opportunities.
* Partner with client services and marketing in new business development and model portfolios for prospective clients.
* Recommend and implement appropriate benchmarks based on client guidelines, investment objectives and risk tolerance profiles. Compare and contrast various benchmarks and their relative risk and exposure components for suitability.

* Three to seven years experience in Fixed Income Investments and a demonstrated passion for Fixed Income Analytics.
* Bachelors degree with concentration(s) in Mathematics, Finance, Economics, or Engineering
* MBA, CFA, or other applicable masters level work such as Statistics or Quantitative Finance.
* Demonstrated strong quantitative skills (project experience involving data analysis a plus)
* Extensive experience with Excel and other technical evaluative data analysis tools and technology
* Demonstrated skills as a team player and independent contributor, while displaying excellent verbal and written communications skills in regard to complex financial concepts

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Apr 24, 2014

I'd be curious as well. Seems a little bit middle office to me, so not sure what this type of role is like at a large investment manager.

Apr 24, 2014


Apr 24, 2014

One more try on the bump here. What would the career path look like here? Does a large manager offer mobility from this role to more of a front office role?

May 6, 2014

I hear that PRU is 3 years and you're out.

Apr 24, 2014

What do you mean by that?

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May 6, 2014

Up, or out.

May 14, 2014

What does that generally say about a group's culture?

Always looking to learn something new.

Apr 24, 2014

Gotcha. I have an interview request for this place and not sure if I should take a look. Can't get a real feel of what the job is and if there is any decent chance for career progression. I guess from pktkid's take on it, not so much.

May 6, 2014