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I am a junior at a semi-target going through the process of study abroad apps for the spring 2011 semester. I've chosen one program that I am definitely applying to in Australia but am last minute trying to find a few other programs to consider. I am wondering if anyone has knowledge of lesser known foreign schools that have a good environment for finance recruiting, whether it be through OCR or simply strong alumni networks. Obviously, LSE, Oxbridge, Warwick, etc etc are the schools most US students interested in finance attend when going abroad - I am trying to learn if there is, say, a lesser known program in Prague/Capetown/wherever that happens to set kids up with decent internships (Obviously, info on something like that would be anecdotal - that's why I came here).

As far as my profile goes, I am only looking for programs with English instruction, but am open to any culture/location. (I have struggled to find English-instruction programs in non-English speaking countries that have econ/finance related coursework. Any info on that would be welcome)

Additionally, if anyone happens to know of a study abroad program that is an absolute shitshow of a good time (whether via partying or really intense/interesting cultural immersion) that should not be passed up, or study abroad advice in general, a heads up on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks

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Oct 1, 2010

I went to National University of Singapore and lived la vida loca...


Oct 2, 2010