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Hi fellow primates! I've recently been introduced to the world of finance through multiple mediums of exposure! Like any other high schooler before, I wanted to be a professional athlete, but then I realized that I'm a scrawny 5'10" Asian, and while I may be decent, I don't want to be one dimensional. My dad wanted me to be an engineer like him because of the Asian tradition, and I get it, too. It's a secure and high-intellect job fit for a talented sophomore like me. But through enough reading and understanding what my talents are, I realized that finance is the path for me. Even though I'm only in 10th grade, I'm taking AP Calculus BC, AP CS A, and multiple other STEM-based courses. I'm pretty good at math, although I've been a bit overwhelmed this year, I know if I put my heart into it I can do even better than where I already am. On top of my math skills (which I don't want to base my career off of because I don't really love math) I have a passion for public speaking which is why I'm on the debate team at my school and taking an AP course for Seminar. I enjoy writing presentations (though I've heard this activity gets tedious at higher levels and when you do finally get into IB) and communicating to solve problems a lot more. For what I enjoy, Law School might be the most ideal, but I have a far keener interest for understanding corporate finance than I do for civil law, so I thought Investment Banking it is. I am starting to learn Excel and I want more tips on financial modeling as well, so if anybody could set me up with courses or tips I'd really appreciate it. TLDR; I really want to know what path I should be taking if I want to be an investment banker and eventually work in PE or hedge funds. I haven't fully committed to being a great scholar yet, but I have a decent GPA (3.7UW & 4.3W) and I'm planning to go to UT McCombs and major in Finance. Is this the best major for wealth management professions? Should I commit more to my grades? Let me know if you have any information for how to prep for this career path, I don't want to start too late.

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Mar 31, 2020 - 3:58pm

Thanks for the suggestion! CBHP seems really cool and selective. The path you described is what I also was considering, but the Business Honors Program is a revelation. quant jobs are intriguing and high compensation, but I heard they are way heavier on the math, and many quants are math or physics majors. What exactly is the required skillset for this field?


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