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I'm new to posting in WSO, but have been trawling through for years now and finally have a question!

I'm interviewing for an associate position with TB in London and would love to hear thoughts from anyone who is familiar with the role and company:

1) What the role is like? What the TB difference between investment or portfolio associate roles? Is there much overlap between these two groups in terms of the work they do? Why does a MM fund like TB an investment and portfolio team given that much larger funds don't? Can you try out a bit of portfolio work as an investment team member and vice versa?

2) general office culture, work hours (average hours vs spikes when deals are live), how successful the company is (e.g. average IRR, reputation in the field) and what does progression for juniors look like (how long do you stay in each role, is it up or out, do you get 'spun out' into a portfolio company etc.)

Any tips would be greatly welcomed!


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Apr 25, 2020 - 4:15pm

I interviewed for the Portfolio role at TowerBrook in London a few years ago and I had a few in-depth conversations with one of their previous portfolio associates who has been at TB for two years (PM for more info).

Takeaways on the Portfolio role:

  • Day-to-day work completely disconnected from the Investment team
  • Hardcore travelling: as you are supporting at least 2-3 portfolio companies at the time, you will be taking up to 3-4 flights a week to visit them
  • CEO advisory: as opposed to some other funds (e.g. Aurelius) where you get pretty hands on and own a piece of work, the role is quite high-level and you will basically be acting as a sparring partner of the C-levels to prioritise initiatives
  • Portfolio Associates are expected to stay for 2 years max, there is no progression inside TB; the person I know was placed in one of their portfolio companies

TB has a great reputation in the MM as TB is basically a spin-off of Soros family office. However, the former employee I know told me that the culture is quite cut-throat, very competitive.

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