Undergrad School OPTIONS (please help)

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Hi all,

I'm a senior in high school and just got back all of my college admissions decisions. I would really appreciate your feedback as I will be making my decision soon. Consider the $$$ as well, please!

My goal (cliche...) is a front office BB job out of college!

NYU Stern (Finance)-- $80,000 total debt
U Mich Ross (Finance) -- $160,000 total debt
Rutgers Honors Business (Finance) -- 0 debt (they will pay me to go to college)
Stevens Business (Quantitative Finance) -- $40,000 total debt
Williams College (Economics and something else) -- $40,000 total debt
Amherst College (Economics and something else) -- $40,000 total debt
Boston College (Finance) -- $80,000 total debt
Georgetown McDonough (Finance) -- $80,000 total debt
Villanova (Finance) -- $80,000 total debt

My thought process is this -- I should go to Williams/Amherst and get an economics degree at an amazing liberal arts school. On my own, I will study more "concrete" finance to ace the technical part of my interviews etc. Also, wouldn't it be easier to stand out this way at Williams/Amherst vs. Stern/Ross? For example, here is what one BB MD posted on an online forum:

"I've worked at Goldman, Deutsche and Morgan Stanley as a senior MD on the trading floor and here I am reading this thread. Interesting. I can tell you that the Williams mafia is a big deal on the Street. The Williams alum are zealots for the school and all seem connected. Do you think that UPenn knuckleheads feel a kindred spirit to the myriad other UPenn knuckleheads on the Street? I can tell you the answer is no. You'd be just another of the thousands jockeying for position. However, if you're one of only a few dozen Williams alum at any firm you will be noticed and cultivated"



Thanks a ton!