US vs Canada Undergrad?

Hey everyone,

I'm Canadian and just graduated this past spring from a New England prep school (think Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, etc.). I applied and was accepted to a few colleges last year, but I'm currently taking a gap year for various reasons & am planning to reapply to some universities soon. While I didn't really do any business-related ECs in high school, I've read a bit about IBD on WSO forums & am interested in IBD as a possible career (ideally, I'd really like to work in the States in the future). My options are:

  1. Go to school in Canada. I was accepted to, though ultimately declined an admission offer from University of Western Ontario Ivey AEO program. I'd apply here in the fall and spend ~$30-35k CAD per year. Another possibility is University of Toronto, though I think Western would be better for finance.
  2. Go to school in the US. I'm a swimmer and am able to recruited to Amherst College, which I've read is a target school. I'd apply here in a month, though tuition for me would be ~$65k USD per year (approx. $80k CAD per year) - I'm factoring in applying for financial aid, though I won't receive much as I'm international. My parents would be willing to pay this much for my undergrad, if it'll be significantly beneficial for my career. It does cut into their retirement savings, though, which I feel bad about...

Obviously, Amherst is considerably more expensive than Ivey. Is the extra $ worth it? Are the Wall Street connections, alumni network, etc. that much better from Amherst compared to Ivey? Also, how difficult is it for Canadians/internationals to be hired by Wall Street firms (I understand I'd need to be sponsored with a TN/H-1B Visa - are firms still willing to do the paperwork for these visas nowadays)?

What would you do if you were me?

Thanks in advance.