Waiting on my written offer after verbal, worried

Hey guys, so everyone on this site has been super helpful in terms of advice and helping me succeed in the interview process. Right now I've been waiting on my official offer letter for nearly a month since the verbal (Intern). This is for a BB. I've been in a good contact with the team I'll be working with since the verbal, both email and in-person (meeting more team members, company gatherings, etc....). I'm just worried as to what's taking so long. I emailed my hr/recruiter on Monday and she apologized for the delay saying there's back-end issues in their system that they are working to fix and that she hoped to have it out towards the end of the week. It's also good to mention that the day of the offer extension I was given details about compensation and start dates. I'm just worried as to why I haven't gotten it yet...any ideas why? If you need additional details just PM. Thanks again!

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