Wall Street Oasis SEO Interns Needed NOW

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July 13, 2016 -- We are currently adding interns into a different research related project. If you were planning on applying to this internship - please email me directly at Andy at wallstreetoasis.com.


Wall Street Oasis is looking for several hard working individuals to join our intern team to help with online-marketing tasks, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link-building.

See inside the post for more info >>>

The internship is unpaid, but here are some of the benefits you will receive during and after successful completion of your internship:

  • 6 free WSO guides, ~$200 total value (3 given halfway during internship, the other 3 at the end of the internship) - this does not include the new Private Equity Prep Pack nor WSP modeling packages
  • Free 3 month video library access, $60 value (given at end of internship), //www.wallstreetoasis.com/wall-street-videos
  • Free 1-year job board access, $99 value (you can delay the access for up to one year)
  • Access to the WSO Company Database and Compensation report (this is free, but requires 3 entries to gain access. Younger students may not have this information yet)
  • Letter of recommendation from me + up to two background or reference checks you need filled out
  • Intangibles: A) Promotion to other internships. I use this internship as a training ground to see who is committed to the work and I always promote from within for higher level / management-level internships. B) Many interns have used this internship as a conversation starter with other interviews. C) Networking with previous interns: there is a linkedin group of former interns and campus reps who now work in Finance that would be happy to speak with you.
  • See below for additional info, intern testimonials, and a message from Patrick.


1) Please apply with a non .edu email address (e.g. please use your gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc account).

2) Please add my email ([email protected]) to your contact list on your email to ensure none of the training emails go to spam.

3) If you use gmail, some or all of the training emails will go to your promotions tab, make sure to keep an eye out on this page

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WSO SEO Internship Application

Please fill in the fields below to be considered as a search engine optimization intern for Wall Street Oasis. After several emails introducing you to the program and our materials, we will reach out to test your knowledge. Assuming you pass our short quiz, you will be contacted by our internship coordinator for a short call to get you set up.

Project description: SEO / Link-building

We need several interns to join our current SEO team to reach out to sites/blogs/authors via email and twitter and connect them with articles on WSO with the goal of building a relationship and growing the amount of in-bound links to our site. This is a successful way to boost our rankings in search engines and to grow our organic traffic. I will provide more instructions when you are selected.

What is expected of you:
You will be working remotely and communicating with me via email several times per month. The ideal candidate is a VERY motivated self-starter with an interest in learning about internet-marketing, SEO, & the inner-workings of a successful online forum/website. If you're looking for that internship to get your foot in the door and to fill your resume with some real-world experience, this internship is perfect for you. Do not apply unless you are sure you can fully complete a minimum of 12 weeks at an average of 10 messages per week (3-5 hours).


  • Start date: ASAP
  • Internship term: we ask for a minimum of 12 weeks, but if you cannot intern for this amount of time you can do a shorter term with a higher average output per week
  • Hours per week: ~5 (Goal of 10-20 emails/twitter messages per week)


  • Ability to construct well-written and thought-out emails and tweets
  • Basic knowledge of marketing / social media / SEO
  • Knowledge of what WSO is all about (ie study our About us page)
  • Native English speaker
  • College level (or higher) writing skills
  • Most importantly, I don't care what your background is, what your stats are. I just want candidates who can be 100% committed to the internship.

Tangible Benefits for you:

  • Free access to three WSO Guides halfway through the internship. As long as you are doing the work just email me to remind me

After successful completion of the internship:

  • Free access to three more WSO Guides
  • Free access to WSO job board for one-year or access to our Company Database
  • PDF and Linkedin letter of recommendation from me plus up to two background or reference checks
  • We can offer one time homepage promotion (to get more responses) of a forum post you create asking the community questions about your current situation
  • I will do my best to connect you over email with a professional in an industry you are interested to break into
  • SEO-related: I will make myself available to you for any online-marketing questions you have. My background is not in finance so I cannot help with this, but I do know people who I can refer you to
  • Patrick* and I are happy to assist you with your career in the future - i.e. give recommendations / referrals etc.

Intangible benefits: - i.e. what you will learn
-Finance: You will have a ton of exposure to online finance blogs/articles/news/authors/contacts etc.
-Online-marketing: you will see first hand how a successful online forum/blog is run, and how SEO / link-building works.
-interns that work hard and prove themselves have potential to move up the ranks and work on higher level projects in more specific areas of focus.
-I've had several internships in the past, so I know how it is and I've tried to design this internship to be as beneficial for you as possible.
-See below for what Patrick can offer

To apply please enter your information in the form above.


**Additional info from Patrick:

Putting "Wall Street Oasis" on your resume when you are trying to break into Wall Street is a way to demonstrate an interest in finance. Even if it is just 1-2 bullets -- showing some relevant experience is important.

It is a great internship option to those that are having trouble breaking into a bank and/or want to supplement what they are already doing to make themselves more competitive. For many of our previous interns, the experience has helped them tremendously. We want to make sure you also gain a lot from the internship which is why we offer so many perks.

I am willing to serve as a personal reference for the interns/reps that show a dedication to WSO and go above and beyond. Whether that is an introduction over LinkedIn or some advice over e-mail, I like to help our best interns to make sure they are headed in the right direction and have a great shot at landing their dream job."

-- Patrick Curtis, Chief Monkey


See "Non target => WSO Intern => Major US Bank" from Nov 17, 2013

"Working for WSO has been one of the best experiences I've had so far. Coming from a non-target, both reading and working for this site has given me great insight into everything finance. Not only that, but the company has a great reputation and it was a tremendous help having WSO on my resume. A lot of people in the interviews said how cool it was that I worked there and one of the interviewers was even in the same graduating class as Patrick! I'll be starting my BB summer internship soon at a top group and I have to thank WSO for it. If you have the opportunity, it is one of the best things you can do with your time."

-- Michael, Blogging & Content Intern, 2014

"I'd like to start this off by saying thank you so much for letting me be a part of the SEO team at WSO. I have learned so much from being a part of the program, and it has taught me many various lessons ranging in relevance from being more knowledgeable about finance terms and the what's happenings in the markets to general lessons like time management and being a more diligent worker."

-- Quincy, SEO Intern Spring 2014

"The SEO internship was a great opportunity to have during my freshman year, and would be great for anybody looking to bolster their resume or learn more about the inner workings of a website while immersing himself into financial news. While the tangible benefits of the internship were great, the intangibles were even better - being able to put the WSO name down on a resume, learning better cold email skills, making great contacts in Andy and Patrick and learning a lot at the same time made the internship highly rewarding and satisfying. The internship is structured to benefit everybody involved and it certainly serves its purpose well. Again, I'd absolutely recommend the SEO internship (or any other WSO internship) to anybody looking to have a great experience and give back to WSO."

-- Andrew, SEO Intern Spring 2014

"I first came across WSO when I was trying to learn more about finance industry. WSO is filled with experienced professionals providing their valuable insights and this definitely got me addicted to it. After a while, I felt that I could further value add my time on WSO forums instead of just lurking around. Hence, I took the leap of faith and signed up for the WSO internship.

The SEO internship is definitely very beneficial in many ways. One of the biggest plus point about the WSO internship is its flexible working hours helps a lot as I can work on it in between my classes. In addition, it provides me the motivation to keep myself updated with the latest news which is very helpful for me as a finance student. Furthermore, the guides and referrals provided after the completion of the internship makes this internship even more worthwhile. With the benefits of the internship far outweighing the requirements, I am quite shocked that Andy and Patrick are not making people pay for the internship. Lastly, I would strongly recommend anyone who have some spare time, in particularly university students, to take up the WSO internship as it serves as a great help for those looking to break into the financial industry.

In a nutshell, you have little to nothing to lose by giving the WSO internship a shot and so much more to gain through the entire process. So what are you waiting for?"

-- SEO Intern Spring 2014

"I graduated from a non-target with no finance background or work experience in finance. I was admitted to a really good Master's program, but I knew I needed to have a finance internship on my resume to make me competitive with my graduate cohorts. I came across Wall Street Oasis' SEO Internship after using WSO as my number one source of finance-related discussions to develop my reasoning to attain a master's in finance. The internship has done more for me than I ever would have expected! The articles and writers I have come across during this internship has accelerated my growth in financial knowledge and the SEO internship itself was a key reason in me securing a finance internship at an investment firm. The firm was looking for ways to market its services and I leveraged the SEO Internship into an opportunity. Aside from the great perks provided through the internship, working with Andrew, Patrick, and the WSO team has been a great and welcoming experience. Apply!"

-- Calvin, SEO Intern Spring 2014

"My internship with WSO was a great experience and helped me in many ways. Having such a recognised brand name within the finance community on my resume set me apart from other candidates and gave me an interesting hook in my applications. Also, I could kill two birds with one stone as I got the chance to explore many insightful and interesting discussions while carrying out my internship tasks. Furthermore, it was great working with Andy & Patrick as they were always patient and helpful. In addition, the WSO guides are useful resources for interview preparation, and they have definitely helped me in clinching a summer internship! I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is serious about breaking into finance."

-- Jacqueline, WSO Intern Spring 2014

"I joined the WSO internship as I really needed to add value to my resume in any way possible, plus I figured it would be a solid EC since I had planned applying to a FT MSF. Just before submitting my application, I interviewed and landed my current role as a credit risk associate at a major US bank. My WSO internship was pivotal, as it served as a major discussion point throughout my interviews, demonstrating my interest in finance despite a liberal arts background."

-- WSO Intern Fall 2013

"Hey Andy, I am reaching out to you to thank you because I was able to land a NYC BB IBD SA gig this recruiting season (coming from a total non-target). I wouldn't have known what I needed to do to get there without the WSO community. And the SEO internship I did for you guys after my freshman year quite probably helped me land my first "real" internship in PWM. So thank you!"

-- Ryan, SEO Intern 2013

I would like to thank you both for this opportunity. I really enjoyed doing the work. After getting the hang of the SEO process, I found myself doing it faster, figuring out how to write the emails better (i.e. in a way that's more enticing for the reader to respond to), and I also ended up getting a slight boost every time I saw a response in the inbox to any of my emails. What started off as a difficult 10 emails/tweets for the first week, ended up being a relatively quick 30 emails/tweets for this week.

The internship has immersed me into the community's content, which has proven to be invaluable. It's amazing how many struggles current and aspiring professionals go through. Their advice is invaluable, and the candid nature with which they provide it makes it easy to read, eliminates the fluff, and ended up being very useful for me. The experience also allowed me to see how collaborative the community is, both in terms of posts and discussions, and in terms of traffic and content.

-- SEO intern, Fall 2013

I would like to thank WSO for a wonderful experience at WSO. It has been great and I have enjoyed interning at WSO. The internship has definitely benefited me in many ways. Some of these include widening my knowledge not only in the financial sector but also on other fields that I would not normally look into and also networking with other WSO interns. Special thanks to Andy & Patrick for your guidance and support and I would like to let you know that the WSO guides and resume review were worthwhile with my job hunting! The internship was absolutely worth it.

-- Viviene, SEO intern, Fall 2013

I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the opportunity to intern and be apart of the WSO community. I recently transitioned to a major US bank as a FIG credit risk associate. As a political science and non-target undergrad, I never really thought I had the chance to land at a major bank. WSO gave me solid name recognition, talking points, and access to tons of great information. Just goes to show with some networking, hard work, luck, and WSO, most anybody can land a solid position at a name brand firm. Thanks again to you and the WSO team; let me know if I can help in the future.

-- Tim, SEO intern, Fall 2013

From this thead: WSO Intern and an overdue (and long) thank you!
"My internship with WSO was a great experience and helped me in many ways. Having such a recognised brand name within the finance community on my resume set me apart from other candidates and gave me an interesting hook in my applications. Also, I could kill two birds with one stone as I got the chance to explore many insightful and interesting discussions while carrying out my internship tasks. Furthermore, it was great working with Andy & Patrick as they were always patient and helpful. In addition, the WSO guides are useful resources for interview preparation, and they have definitely helped me in clinching a summer internship! I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is serious about breaking into finance."

-- SEO Intern Summer 2013

The SEO internship with WSO was valuable in many ways. An avid reader of WSO prior to the internship, I was able to see the inner workings of this large, online community, which was both educational and fascinating to me. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the community, and become a valued member of the team. Andy was always open to suggestions, and consistently interested in receiving feedback from the intern team. Moreover, as an intern, the intangible benefits were excellent. The guides are top-notch, and the advice the WSO team can offer related to all future endeavors is extremely useful. If you are deciding whether or not to pursue this opportunity, allow me to offer some advice: do it.

-- Michael, SEO intern, Summer 2013

Being an Intern at WSO was a delight. From a strong collaboration to a unique vision, the team of interns had an incredible ability to work together and reach a common goal. It was nice strategizing with people from different parts of the world and analysing different ways that could be utilized to improve the web traffic. Reading and understanding recent articles in the field of Finance (and often from a variety of other fields) was also great learning opportunity. Furthermore, the knowledge and insights gained in relation to field of marketing was far beyond imagination. Besides the fact that it was overall an awesome learning experience, it also came with some tangible benefits - useful networking guides, resume review, endorsements, etc. Great experience, highly recommend it!

-- Kahir, SEO intern, Summer 2012

The WSO SEO internship provided an opportunity to gain a large amount of knowledge in selected fields. Doing in depth research about the most popular topics on WSO gave me a chance to get in contact with the experts in those areas. Seeing the successful results of cross promotion was a satisfying reward.

-- Leon, SEO intern, Spring/Summer 2012

DON'T BE FOOLED - you might think the SEO internship is more suited for marketing. But this internship will truly benefit individuals who are interested in finance. Throughout this internship, I was immersed in weekly financial news and picked up knowledge along the way. For a lack of job experience, it serves as a great way to demonstrate genuine interest in the industry.

Additionally, I improved a very practical skill - cold emailing. During this internship, I wrote cold emails to writers and bloggers from large financial news sites like Bloomberg, Financial Times, etc. and more personal financial blogs. With success and failure, I now have a better understanding of how to write an effective cold email where the recipient is more likely to read it and respond to it. This will come in handy when searching for internships.

And on top of all this, you get access to the WSO guides!

-- Harry, SEO intern, Fall/Winter 2012-13

Interning with WallStreetOasis was a great deal of fun. I had a great deal of autonomy and could do things as I saw fit, which meant it was pretty cool to execute on my own initiatives. Additionally, since I had a background in internet marketing, I got to see the behind-the-scenes view of how WSO operates. In general, the internship gave me more reason to lurk the forum and explore what else the site has to offer. Plus, nobody can deny the awesomeness of the WSO guides. The entire WSO team is comprised of great people, and I look forward to watching WSO grow even further.

-- Pete H., SEO intern, Winter/Spring 2012

The SEO internship Wall Street Oasis was the perfect freshman summer experience. The work you do forces you to be engaged with current financial events and news--which can be incredibly useful come interview season. The internship allowed me to do the reading I usually do, through NYT Dealbook, WSJ and BusinessWeek, while looking deeper into financial events and articles. This experience has helped me talk intelligently about the market in networking and super-day interviews.

-- Alex, SEO intern

I found the experience working as an SEO intern to be very valuable. This internship gave me the opportunity to get real world experience while working for a highly respectable online community. The tangible benefits are great (every time I showed my friends the free guides that I received, they would always be impressed at all the information found in them) and the fact that I was able to learn a lot was very rewarding. Overall, if you have a few hours of free time a week, I would highly recommend this internship.

-- Albi, SEO intern, Winter 2012

Do not be skeptical of the modest nature of the internship. It is a phenomenal opportunity for anyone interested in finance, marketing, or for a view of the inner workings of Wall Street Oasis.

The amount of flexibility and responsibility placed on you can be at times challenging. However, the rewards you will gain are invaluable. For instance, the task of reaching out to reporters and journalists of various news organizations rapidly improve your cold-emailing skills. And the feeling of accomplishment when a contact replies or discovering later that they had posted an article you had referred to them is amazing. Plus, the resources of Wall Street Oasis, such as the guides, are given to you for free.

Those managing this internship really want you to succeed. It is up to you to take advantage of this unique opportunity .

-- Tim, SEO intern, Winter 2012

So, I found out about the SEO / Link-building Internship from my alma mater, who was an avid member, and got involved at his advice. It turns out that someone else left shortly after I applied and prior to that, I never even knew what WSO was or that it existed! During my experience I was working two jobs and doing the internship by night so it was challenging at times as well the learning curve involved but it didn't take me long to start thinking about how to improve their process and make substantial contributions. Since I graduated as a double major in Economics and Finance, I then seized upon the opportunity to become a Contributing Author as I was blogging myself on very similar subjects and since then I've improved my copywriting and personal blogging markedly. Even more so, this experience began to fuel my interest in marketing and gave me a base to further expand as a Marketing Intern at a law firm. Now, when I interview I mention my contributions to WSO and subsequently the law firm. I feel the two give me a boost when applying for SEO or Social Media Marketing positions and I'm hoping soon it will pay BIG dividends as I re-launch my career into Digital Marketing. Lastly, I must say that for being so physically far apart Andrew does a good job of keeping in contact with everybody, addressing questions, and open to the occasional phone call as well helping out any intern that goes the distance for WSO. My advice is, it's what you make of it!

-- Gregory, SEO intern

General testimonial about our internships from one of our writing interns:

I'm only about halfway into the internship, but it should be said that the tangible benefits definitely outweigh the amount of work you do. First off, Andy really wants to help you out: I initially began as a forum discussion starter, and was luckily given the chance to be a weekly contributing author-- nice addition to my (previous lacking) resume. Second, not only am I exposed to finance and business knowledge exponentially more than before, but I've become a much better writer and have created more opportunities for myself; I've already gotten another internship off this, as well as an interview for another one in the spring. Employers love the name, think it's wonderful that you're tech savvy, and can trust that you know a good amount about business. Additionally, you get the WSO guides-- which were surprisingly jam-packed with useful information. These aren't your typical e-books that should really be 3-page articles... these are thick, no-BS bibles that will lead you closer to your dream job. Finally, the CEO and COO are really nice guys! You won't regret this decision.

1/22/2013 update: Would I be able to keep this position indefinitely? You would be shocked at how WSO has opened up doors for me like this one. Being that I'm going to grad school for finance soon, I'd love to keep contributing.

-- Jake, Writing intern, Fall/Winter 2012-13

If you are still in school, looking to meet the right people or gain some kind of experience to put on a resume, the SEO internship is perfect for you. One of the greatest things about the internship is that everything is done online so the hours are great, and you can still get your work done despite a busy schedule. Not only that, but Andy and Patrick are very good mentors. If you meet expectations, it will be noticed and they will make sure that as long as you put in the work, you will get rewarded. All in all, the knowledge gained from reading and researching, as well as the tangible rewards, will prove to be paramount in any intern's future endeavors.

-- Allen, SEO intern

Working with the WSO team has been nothing but a pleasure. There are numerous benefits that come from participating in the SEO internship and the flexibility and autonomy given to interns is a huge plus. Essentially, this experience is a great way to start building a track record of showing genuine interest in finance and a unique chance to differentiate yourself a little bit. Andy goes above and beyond to provide any type of support necessary and there are numerous chances to not only enhance the program, but also take on more responsibility. Overall, it was quite enjoyable to continually challenge myself on a weekly basis to meet the minimum targets as well as improve and optimize the entire process and I highly recommend it.

--Mark, SEO Intern, Winter/Spring 2013

The Wall Street Oasis SEO internship was a great way to learn more about both internet marketing and business- you gain in-depth knowledge on the operations of one of the most successful finance websites. Additionally, you are exposed to plenty of finance-related content which keeps you informed on news and trends. I enjoyed working with Andy and felt the internship helped build out my skill set. I would definitely recommend it.

--Chris J, SEO Intern

"If you are still thinking whether you should apply. Stop thinking and just apply. The internship itself is a solid internship for anyone who wants to work in finance. Andy and Patrick are some of the best people to work with and they want you to be successful. By having WSO on your resume, you are demonstrating a strong desire to work in finance plus some relevant business knowledge. The benefits are in plain sight while the cost is only a few hours a week.

And hey, this is a perfect excuse to lurk around the website some more. #wsoaddiction"

--Tony, SEO Intern

"The Wall Street Oasis SEO internship is an exciting opportunity for anyone that wants to develop their knowledge of finance whilst also learning the ins and outs of online business marketing.

It's a dynamic internship designed to give you maximum responsibility over time management and workload, which is a great way to develop excellent habits that can be then utilized further down the road. As an SEO intern I not only learned a ton about financial concepts through relevant news articles, but I was also tasked with growing the online presence of a highly successful business.

If you enjoy wearing different hats and want to challenge yourself, don't even hesitate - apply now and reap the benefits!"

--Mazi, Spring 2013 SEO Intern

"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Wall Street Oasis. Not only did it allow me to stay up to date with current market and macroeconomic trends, it helped me develop skills across a wide range of avenues including SEO, content marketing and the ability to effectively communicate with industry professionals. I was exposed to all the various news, trends and discussions surrounding the Investment Banking and Financial industries allowing me to become well-versed and prepared when it comes to future interviews and internships in the field. All in all, a very valuable experience!"

-- Harsh, 2012 and 2015 SEO Intern

My SEO Internship with WallStreetOasis was an excellent experience from the start. I had a chance to expand my knowledge of current events in finance, which made the internship a great way to stay up to date on major topics easily. I also learned a lot about marketing and improving traffic flow to the site, which is excellent business knowledge in itself.

Not only is the site one of the largest online finance communities (which looks great on a resume), but one of the best parts of the program is the flexibility it provides.

I would definitely recommend the SEO Internship program to others who want to get experience in the finance field.

--Andrei (SEO Intern Summer/Fall 2013)

"Interning at WallStreetOasis was a great learning experience. I had lots of autonomy and was able to make decisions that I thought were appropriate. The tangible benefits are great and it helps keep you up to date with what is going on in the financial world. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone."

--Benjamin, SEO Intern Summer 2013

I had a tremendously valuable experience working for Wall Street Oasis as an SEO intern. I had the opportunity to see part of what goes in to making the website that I use frequently so successful, which was very rewarding. I also was able to learn more and continue to develop my knowledge of the financial world by staying up to date on news that I linked to WSO content. Finally, I was able to further develop my research skills by finding relevant authors and my writing skills by crafting high quality emails. I strongly recommend the WSO internship as a first step for any student interested in pursuing a career in finance

--Jackson, SEO Intern Summer/Fall 2013

"This internship was not only a positive learning experience that looks great on the resume, but also a chance to have full access to WSO. I enjoyed reading critically and responding effectively to my favorite authors on WSJ, MSNBC, and mergersandinquisition. Although the internship is easy to complete, it requires a little amount of time and some patience. My favorite thing about the experience is the amazing people behind WSO. With personal recommendations from Patrick and Andy as well as all the intangible benefits, I feel confident that I will succeed. Not only would I do this internship again, but also recommend it to anyone looking for an edge. It really improved my skills."

--Thomas, SEO Intern Summer/Fall 2013

"As the content management intern for WSO over the past 10 months, I have worked closely with Andy to source, develop, and syndicate finance content which reaches tens of thousands of users every week. I was given a lot of responsibility from the start and got an extensive look into how the website operates so successfully. I have received every benefit that has been listed and more. My experience at WSO has come up numerous times during interviews and it has definitely helped me during recruiting. The work is part-time, flexible, and interesting. Most of all, Andy and Patrick are some of the best people to work with and will go out of their way to help you out."

--Gary, Content Management Intern 2012/2013

"Make no mistake about it, the SEO internship is a great opportunity to signal your interest in the finance industry and an excellent crash course in cold emailing. The WSO brand is astonishingly well recognized and it definitely proves to be a talking point with respect to networking, recruiting, what have you. Looking back on my time as an intern, I've honestly been able to glean so much knowledge on the industry, and despite it being unpaid, the perks are prime. The guides are a lifesaver and having someone to attest to your work ethic is worth more than you might think. With that said, I owe the WSO team a huge thanks, as this position has been an amazing learning experience over the past 12 weeks -- I definitely encourage anyone who's interested to apply."

--Robert, 2014 SEO Intern

"The SEO internship was an amazing experience for me! I was able to learn some simple excel skills and I learned a lot about the researching process. I also enjoyed some of the extra perks of being involved such as receiving free guides and going to the WSO Conference for free. Being involved with WSO was great and meeting Patrick and some of the other WSO was awesome. Having WSO on my resume also helped a lot because the person who interviewed me last summer used to work in banking and it served as a connection between the two of us. I would definitely encourage everyone to get involved. It doesn't take too much time and there are just so many benefits from getting involved. Thank you WSO for the great experience! "

--Yuehan, 2014 SEO Management Intern

"The Wall Street Oasis SEO internship was the perfect opportunity to build my resume while also strengthening my cold email skills and broadening my knowledge about finance. I study business and biology, but my background up to this point has been largely focused on science; the SEO internship will be a great complement to my biotech experience as I hope to break into biotech/healthcare banking. The project allowed me to keep up with a number of finance blogs and learn more about technical aspects such as trading and industry patterns, as well as some other aspects such as lifestyle. In addition, the SEO project strengthened my cold email skills, as the focus of the project was to garner responses from busy bloggers. Lastly, Patrick and Andy were really great to work with--they were really receptive to any ideas I had for the internship, and really were looking to make the experience as beneficial as possible for both me and for the growth of the site. "

--Jacob, 2014 SEO Intern

"Doing the SEO internship for WSO was an invaluable experience. I learned a lot about the world of finance, was able to practice my networking skills, and got the opportunity to work with the awesome members of the WSO team. Best of all, it was extremely flexible and I was easily able to fit it into my busy schedule. I'd definitely recommend the internship to any interested students."

--Riece, 2014 SEO Intern

"Interning at Wall Street Oasis was one of the most useful and fulfilling opportunities I've had as an undergrad. It gave me great exposure to the industry and working directly with Andy and Patrick was a very rewarding experience. It has come up in every interview I've had and is a great talking point with recruiters. Can't say enough good things about the people at WSO and the benefits I've received from my internship."

--William, 2014 Social Media / Reddit Intern

"Working with WSO has been one of the best experiences of my young professional life. I'd been a reader of the site for some time and when I read about the SEO position I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity. Working with the WSO team was fantastic and they were some of the brightest and most committed people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I've gained such a great perspective of the finance industry that I never would have in the classroom. I knew that the experience and connections I made with WSO will be invaluable to me in the future. I cannot recommend the internship highly enough. If you're a reader of this site, you'll benefit from it.

I decided to go abroad to get my Business School degree neither knowing the language nor having any prior experience. My internship at WSO has been talked about in every single interview I had in the past 2 years and was a great way to prove real interest in Finance. When paired up with other extra-curricular activities I was doing at the same time, interviewers reacted positively to how this showed that I can handle multiple tasks and organize my time efficiently. Looking back on my decision today I can confidently say that it was one of the major reasons in helping me continually secure an internship in corporate finance first, followed by one in M&A."

--Mark, 2014 SEO and Linkedin Outreach intern

"The SEO internship was an incredibly helpful experience. Not only did I improve my cold-emailing skills, I learnt a lot about the finance industry and it allowed me to keep up to date with the weekly financial headlines. It didn't feel like I was working as I already read content daily on WSO before the internship, and the tangible benefits were a great bonus on the side of an unparalleled learning experience.

I highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in finance as it will give you an amazing head start on your career."

--Kenny, 2015 SEO Intern

"Being a campus representative is an amazing experience in many aspects. I've developed better pitching and public speaking skills during the experience. The relationships I build up with the career centre and various student organizations throughout my rep term will continue to benefit me after my rep term is over. The most beneficial aspect I find is the opportunity to meet other campus representatives. All the reps are always willing to help out and share their experience. I have learned so much from them that it alone can make being a rep a great experience.

Being an SEO intern, on the other hand, took another set of qualities. Reading large amounts of finance articles and reaching out to their authors require a high degree of dedication and attention to details. These qualities are what investment banks are looking for when hiring interns or analysts. As a matter of fact, this internship recently helped me land an investment banking internship. The interviewer wanted to know if I would be able to manage the grunt work with minimal errors and he was able to clear his doubts after speaking with Andy about what this internship entails and my performance in it. This, among many other reasons, is why the SEO internship is worth your time."

-- Kevin, 2014 SEO Intern and Campus Rep

"I would strongly encourage the SEO internship to anyone pursuing internships in Financial Services, particularly within the markets/Investment Banking as this was a consistent talking point throughout many of my interviews. As a STEM student, it was a highly unique and creative activity that I could carry out in my own time and at my own pace. Above all, I definitely think that it showed initiative and allowed me to personalise the way in which I increased my knowledge of Finance, which I definitely believe helped me to secure a bulge bracket summer internship! Cannot recommend it enough and many thanks to the WSO team for such a great experience!"

-- Rafia, 2014 SEO Intern

"From the beginning to the end of the internship for WSO, I have not only learned a lot about the world of finance, but I was also able to practice my professional communication by directly contacting finance experts. My internship has been an invaluable experience and I am confident that this experience, along with top-notch guides will help me land my dream job in the near future. I would like to thank you for this opportunity and I definitely recommend the internship if you are still unsure about it."

-- Brian, 2015 SEO Intern

"The SEO internship at WSO was a very interesting and helpful experience. Every day that I went to work I learned new things about finance and related industries. It helped me learn the value of commitment and consistent work over a long period of time. Connecting with dozens of writers was a very helpful experience. I recommend this internship to anyone seeking a career in finance."

-- Rafael, 2015 SEO Intern

"Discovering WSO and the campus rep program was definitely one of my key highlights of the year. As an incoming freshman during the 2014/2015 year, I was merely a plankton in the world of finance. Having known pretty much nothing about investment banking, private equity and the likes, swimming with the big fish seemed impossible. However, WSO and its campus representative program got me up to speed quick on the finance lingo and has benefited me indefinitely when networking with professionals.

Whether you're a first year trying to get caught up to speed or a junior hoping to to land an SA gig, WSO's campus rep program has something positive to offer for everyone. Firstly, almost every single professional in the industry has heard of/is active on the forums and is a great conversation piece. Second of all, the amount of detail that the interview/prep guides will (pretty much) have you covered on all bases when the situation arises. Third, it allows you to develop relationships within the intern group, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals from around the world. I would recommend this program for anyone with an interest in finance as the experience is incredible."

-- Jack, 2014-2015 Campus Rep

"Wall Street Oasis' SEO Internship is a great opportunity for any student seeking practical business experience. The immediate skills you will gain from this internship include effective communication, marketing, research, as well as many others. Throughout the 10 week term, I felt extremely locked in to the financial world. Analyzing global headlines and gaining familiarity with one of the internet's largest finance communities will help to give any aspiring businessman a solid foundation for interviews and general career related knowledge.

Andy and Patrick are great internship coordinators as well. The industry experience between the two of them made me feel comfortable going to them for references, questions, or concerns. The flexibility they provided for me throughout the internship made me feel cared about. These are people who won't let any question go unanswered. Highly recommend the opportunity to anyone and everyone."

-- Scott, 2015 SEO Intern

"In a few words, completing an internship at Wall Street Oasis was a very valuable learning experience. From the very clear and straightforward training at the beginning to the help and guidance that was offered until the end, the WSO community was extremely supportive and a great place to find motivation and learn about various subject matters. This particular internship allowed me to research and learn about areas I would not have otherwise thought of exploring. Although shorter in duration and perhaps "out of the box" in terms of a summer position, I gained valuable working experience and professional skills with WSO."

-- Amy, 2015 SEO Intern

"I have certainly gained and benefited a tremendous amount from the WSO internship. As a fresher waiting to attend university, this experience certainly widened my horizons, and taught me various business and economics ideas and concepts. My interest in finance and investment banking grew after completing this internship. I would definitely recommend this opportunity for any aspiring financiers."

-- Teow Zhen, 2015 SEO Intern

"The SEO internship was the perfect opportunity for me during my freshman year to satiate my curiosity for the world of finance. Not only did I have the chance to connect with many writers and journalists, I was able to dive deeper into specific financial topics that have helped me understand much more about how finance works more than any textbook ever could. The internship is structured to allow you to give yourself the opportunity to make the most out of it. I'd absolutely recommend the SEO internship."

-- Mark, 2015 SEO intern

"I would like to say thank you for this opportunity. In addition to enjoying my time as an SEO intern and reading and connecting with a number of interesting other finance writers, in multiple interviews I was asked about the position on my resume and consistently received impressed reactions. I received multiple internship offers for this fall semester and will be starting one shortly. Feel free to use this as a testament to the opportunities the SEO intern program provides."

-- Chris, 2015 SEO Intern

"Serving as an SEO intern for WSO was one of the most rewarding internships I have ever worked. I learned a tremendous amount about finance and got to network with some other fantastic finance and business websites. In interviews, I was consistently asked about the SEO internship, and interviewers were frequently impressed. Working for WSO has been far more helpful for me than some physical internships!"

-- Chris, 2015 SEO Intern

Comments (56)

Feb 23, 2012

Is it your email address wallstreetoasis.com?

Feb 24, 2012

Is it your email address wallstreetoasis.com?

Hey yeah its [email protected]

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Feb 25, 2012

For $500/month you can hire Pakistanis to do this all for you. Done it with my website with good results.

    • 2
Feb 27, 2012

If we emailed you this weekend, when will we hear back?

Feb 28, 2012

If we emailed you this weekend, when will we hear back?

Hi, I have since written everyone back about setting up a phone call.

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Apr 20, 2012

Can't wait until I have some applicable skills and I can offer to help. Hopefully sooner than later.

"That dude is so haole, he don't even have any breath left."

Apr 24, 2012

Is it too late to apply this?

May 8, 2012

I'll do it for $15/hr.

May 15, 2012

oops wrong SEO

May 31, 2012

Are you still looking for interns? I sent an email a little while ago

May 31, 2012

Are you still looking for interns? I sent an email a little while ago

we are - ill have ken follow up with you asap

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

    • 1
Jun 4, 2012

Just sent an email

"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jun 6, 2012

Hello Andy, I live in London, can I still apply?

Jul 13, 2012


Nov 3, 2012

I hope this isn't too late, but are you still looking for interns?

I think we are looking for a few more. You can email Andy. Thanks

Dec 13, 2012

I have just sent an email to Andy

Jan 23, 2013

I'm interested in this internship. Besides, i believe i have time to complete this 8 weeks work.

great, just shoot me an email

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jan 23, 2013

I just found out about this internship, I am highly interested!! Is it too late to apply now???


Jan 23, 2013

I just found out about this internship, I am highly interested!! Is it too late to apply now???


still accepting applications, thanks for asking

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jan 25, 2013

I sent you an email. I look forward to hearing back from you soon

Jan 28, 2013

I sent an email as well. Can't wait to hear back from you !

Feb 16, 2013

I just sent an email as well. I saw this post was edited this morning so I assume you're still accepting intern applications? I hope to hear from you soon...thank you!

Mar 4, 2013

Hi there, can I still apply to the SEO internship?

Mar 4, 2013

Hi there, can I still apply to the SEO internship?

Hi yes we are still accepting applicants


WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Apr 5, 2013

These are worth it would recommend it!

Apr 9, 2013

These are worth it would recommend it!

can you write a full 3-5 sentence testimonial like the ones above?

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Apr 29, 2013

will the internship be offered again in june?

May 21, 2013

will the internship be offered again in june?

yes it will, you can apply then

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jun 9, 2013


Jun 9, 2013


cool look forward to speaking with you soon

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jun 9, 2013


What is the knowledge level needed (in finance and/or marketing) for this internship? Is the short quiz on finance related material or the material we are given on the program?

Thank you. Sounds like a great opportunity.

Jun 9, 2013


What is the knowledge level needed (in finance and/or marketing) for this internship? Is the short quiz on finance related material or the material we are given on the program?

Thank you. Sounds like a great opportunity.

most important is good research and writing skills, quiz is related to our materials in the training doc

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jul 8, 2013

Hi Andy

I would like to apply for the internship, however i'll never be able to call myself a native English speaker, due to simply not growing up in an English speaking country. Yet i would argue that my proficiency is at the same level as most native speakers.

It seems like a bad idea to "lie" on an application, so what should i do? Am i precluded from applying?

Jul 13, 2013

Hi Andy

I would like to apply for the internship, however i'll never be able to call myself a native English speaker, due to simply not growing up in an English speaking country. Yet i would argue that my proficiency is at the same level as most native speakers.

It seems like a bad idea to "lie" on an application, so what should i do? Am i precluded from applying?

have you emailed me? if not go ahead and apply for the program and then i can judge your writing when you get to the writing sample stage

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jul 13, 2013

is the link building more or less just reaching out to websites and asking for a link ??

alpha currency trader wanna-be

Jul 13, 2013

Will do ;)

Sep 24, 2013

Is this also also possible for Dutch students, so again, we can focus on the Benelux as well? In that case I am very interested.

Nov 12, 2013

I've actually been wondering about this lately, and think it might be perfect given my current situation. Any chance I could apply now, and if accepted start in January?

Apr 13, 2014

Would you consider someone who is not a native speaker but has a good TOEFL?

Apr 15, 2014

sorry only native speakers on this

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

May 26, 2014

Still taking on more interns? I'm off school for summer break and can start anytime.

Jul 14, 2014

Sent in my application! Hoping to have an opportunity to get involved - thanks!

"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less."

Jul 15, 2014

Great opportunity. I still get questions about this after people see it on my resume.

Jul 16, 2014

Does anyone know how long it takes to be contacted after sending out the three sample emails? Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I had some downtime at work and was able to craft another 10 or so emails and I'm eager to get them out (if I'm offered the position!).

"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less."

    • 1
Jul 23, 2014

Just applied! Currently interning at a HF and have done some SEO work in the past for a start up so I think this would be perfect for me!

Jul 25, 2014

Damn, I am a non native speaker but I go to school in the US. What other internships does WSO offers?

Jan 1, 2015

are you currently taking interns? Just applied but haven't received any confirmation emails.. checked my spam box and promotion tab already.

Jan 28, 2015

Does anyone know if we dont get a reply after sending three sample emails that means disqualified?

Feb 10, 2015


Oct 24, 2015


Feb 11, 2015

hey, I just wrote a few people yesterday, if i didnt get back to you, email me again, thanks

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Nov 14, 2015

Hi, Andy. I just applied for this internship but did not got any confirmation email. Have all intern positions been filled?

Nov 18, 2015
May 11, 2016
Aug 1, 2018

just google it...you're welcome