If anyone has the current cap rates (and 6-12 month forecast) for these asset classes in NYC, I would greatly appreciate it.

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According to CoStar in the past year:

Manhattan Multi: 4.1% cap rate
Manhattan Office: 4.5% cap rate
Manhattan Retail: 4.3% cap rate

Brooklyn Multi: 4.8%
Brooklyn Office: 5.6%
Brooklyn Retail: 5.1%

Queens Multi: 4.4%
Queens Office: 6.3%
Queens Retail: 6.1%

I don't see these changing much in 2017.

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The thinning spread between multi-family Manhattan cap rates and the rising cost of capital (including fees, etc to obtain said capital) means investors are going to have to get more creative in 2017 especially if their play is not long term/legacy appreciation and more cash flow centric.


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