Interning as an ESG Analyst at an asset management firm (I want to be in Equity Research)

I need some advice.

For the past few months, I've been interning as an ESG Analyst at a large asset management firm. But it was never my dream role going in and I'm not very passionate about ESG. The way it works at my firm is that ESG is integrated into the Investment Research Function at my firm (but that's because clients are always asking about ESG so this is an 'easy' thing to do).

I want to be in equity research. That's my passion and always has been. Do I email HR about switching to Equity Research if there ever happens to be a spot open?

Do I wait until the internship ends and then email after converting to a graduate role?

I'm getting very, very bored in the ESG team and I think it's becoming apparent to other members of my team. I've tried to show interest but I find ESG quite boring. I think other people on the team can tell I have no interest in ESG.

Is there anything I can do? I'm worried that it won't convert because I'm not enjoying it at all but I don't want to ruin any chance of conversion by emailing HR while as an intern.

What do you guys recommend?

How does one get into equity research from my position? Is it even possible? 

Sure and our portfolio analytics team interacts with PMs just as much as research folks, but I’ve never seen one of those guys make the switch either 

Best way into AM is either straight thru UG or post MBA after 4yrs of high quality banking and PE experience 

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