Investment Consultant - Good at it but dont love it

Hi all,

I have 12 years of industry experience starting from equity analysis (6 years), family office (multi asset with focus on Equities, VC, and Growth Equity) 4 years and then last 2 years as an Investment Consultant (top tier Consulting firm) advising institutional clients on SAA, DAA and asset class specific research and fund manager recommendations. 

Although my job pays well, I don't enjoy my day to day as I feel it lacks the analytical approach I have had in my previous roles. 

BIG QUESTION: I have been offered a role by an Impact investor in the direct investing space which will involve analyzing and managing investment post execution and then also getting involved in the divestment process. The role tick marks the work I want to be doing but I am concerned for a few things

Career Progression: I have been told there is not many opportunities to move up in that role, however, other departments of the Company may have opportunities at a later stage

Brand: It is not a very well known brand and it is focused on investments in a particular region only 

Career Path: What would the career path look like if I take up that opportunity - what will be my options. Can I get into Principal Investing after a few years with Impact Investor

Can you guys suggest if its a wise decision to leave top tier Inv Consultant for an impact investing role. I feel it might be difficult to move in to the asset management / Principal Investing space as I move up the ladder in IC. 

Really appreciate your help.

Thank you

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Jan 16, 2022 - 7:01pm
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